Stupid OCD habits?

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Does anyone have any that they think are really stupid?

With me, everything has to match/be even. It drives me crazy. My bangs have to be cut "just so" and I have to file my nails weekly so they're all the same length and shape. If I pluck one eyebrow too thin, I'll make sure the other one looks like same. I'll get mad if I look jacked up, but God forbid something is off. I'd rather deal with hair that's too short for a couple of weeks than hair that's close-but-not-perfect. I'll think about it constantly and check the mirror all the time otherwise.

My other habits aren't as bad. I'm a little messy at home, but I'm always straightening up at work. I like the desk to be super neat with everything in place. I also use hand sanitizer all the time at work, although not at home. I'm not even that anal in public. My name tag has to be on straight too. I'm always checking it. :rolleyes:


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Not for me. My sister has it, sometimes its worse than other days. We just thought it was her stupid habits, till she found out OCD.

In her house, it always needs to be neat. Kitchen is never used cuz she never cooks. We had parties for me and another for my other sister, immediately afterwards, the kitchen decor was moved back in onto the table. Everything just right ASAP. I laughed. Sometimes my bro-in-law cooks. Her rugs, she likes to make the fringe all stick out. Nothing out of place. Photos just so. Quilts just so...neat, neat, neat.

She must mow the yard every week. Her way. It does not matter if it is 100 degrees outside. She has her yard as neat as her house. Now, that she has a pool, she takes more work in stride. The driveway is hosed down or use the leaf blower so no leaves on th driveway. lol

Plus, when my bro-in law has to work on weekends...and she wants to paint the room. SHE DOES IT. I never really know if she is organized.

I have no idea what she does with the hand santizier---she is a nurse and used to hate washing her hands so often. Maybe she got over that.
I know it bothers her some, but she accepts that is her. oh well.


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dunno if this counts but i go through phases where i have to touch the corners of things i go near, and have to draw imaginary squares around things


I have/had OCD and the main habits were like if I opened the door with my right hand, i'd have to touch the handle with ym left hand or I wouldn't feel right at all.. Same as burshing my hair or teeth.

Any patterns at all and I was screwed. My old bedroom was like thousands of wee stripes no more then 1-2 cm wide so literaly thousands i'd end up counting them all, then all the different sizes, then all the colours and tring to find a apattern in them.

Counting and repeatedly touching objects with both hands is my worst I suppose. Kinda funny though looking over it. Man that room was annoying.
I have some habits, like if I turn around I can't turn half way around and I have to go all the way so im facing exactly the same way. If I do something one I have to do it again the exact same way... its really annoying.


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whenever i walk down the street i always have to take an even amount of steps between sidewalk sections. If i dont i have to go back and rewalk it. Also, whenever i set something down (like a glass of water or something) i always have to move it side to side exactly four times. Theres a lot more but you get the point.


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I have to be even. If I step on a line in the floor with my right foot, I have to step on one with my left foot. I check and recheck things over and over. I have to say a certain phrase when I go to bed. I get stuck wearing certain clothes or eating certain foods and have to repeat it for 3 days. I also try to find patterns in everything and I count everything. I could go on and on... there's just so much more. *sigh*
mine's stupid, i have to check if things are locked.
im in high school
and i had to check my locker six times once and so i was late to class
also, my car. as i drive more and more im going to be so paranoid about locking it.


I hate my rituals, i really do.

I hate my obsessions.

I hate my compulsions.

I hate OCD.



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If I make a mistake when I'm writing something out by hand or drawing something then I have to screw it up and start over, even if I'm practically at the end and it's already taken me ages.

When I was little this was much more pronounced and I used to get so violent and stressed out about it. I remember frequently rubbing holes in paper with my rubber trying to completely erase a mistake I made. On one occasion when I was about 6 I drew a scene from a family outing that had happened at the weekend. When I was drawing my Mum's trousers I slipped across her leg. My Mum just took the pen and turned it into a skirt, and stuck the picture up on the wall. I went nuts. I was screaming and crying because she hadn't been wearing a skirt in real life at the weekend. :blink:

When I am in a vehicle (even a crowded bus) and I go past the crescent my Grandparents live on then I have to wave. And not just a half-hearted flick of my hand, I have to really wave. If I don't then something bad will happen to them.

If I cross my fingers I must not uncross them until after whatever event I was hoping for/about.

Sometimes I decide that all day I won't step on a crack on the pavement, or a won't touch anything blue, or something stupid like that. If I don't manage it I get really upset.

There's a bunch of other stuff. Things to do with counting stuff and things like that. You get the idea. My mum always denied I had OCD at all, and she still does. It doesn't bother me enough these days for me to do anything about it, it's just part of who I am. My friends laugh about my silly quirks and things. Sometimes it can be really frustrating or embarrassing, but seeing as I always got by without help for it and now I'm much better than I was when I was little I just deal with it.

EDIT: Oh, also, my therapist reckons the way I "check" everyone I ever see anywhere (to be sure they're not my mum's ex) is very ritualistic and like a compulsion. And I guess she's right.
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When I'm writing, I have to go over words or even an entire paragraph. Literally, write over it. It looks stupid. A lot of words end up looking like they're bold. I also have to count steps. Like, if I'm walking on a sidewalk, I have to count the number of steps it takes between each line. And, if there are cracks, I have to step on every one. Everything has its place. Everything. If something's not centered exactly, it has to be moved. Even if it's half a centimeter off, I have to move it. I have a certain ritual I follow when I get in my car every morning. Wow... there's so much....


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-I have to count till 12 before taking anything out of an oven or microwave
-I can only put 2 exclamation marks or 4, or 6, or 8 etc i can't put just one exclamation mark, the same goes to interrogation marks
-I don't put this at the end of sentences- . - because I think it gives bad luck

And those are the ones I'm doing a lot at the moment, I've had worse though
i have to wash my hands seven times after i use the bathroom and before i eat... sometimes i just use hand sanitiser

when i pack for a trip i have to unpack and repack until everything is just right

when i take notes they have to be color coated and cannot be abbreviated from what was originally put there by the teacher

i have routines that i have to follow precisely or i have to start over, especially when i take a shower and when i put on makeup.


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Ok, now this one is really strange, I have a few, but even I find this one pointless but I cant stop myself... When I'm eating cereal and it comes to one layer floating on the milk I have to eat it in even numbers and if there is one left at the end, I will cut it in half and eat it in halves... This includes somthing as small as coco pops... :unsure:
For some reason im really paranoid about leaving glasses of juice with people in it so i take the cup everywhere i go so i can always keep an eye on it (even if im just with my family). And if i forget to take it with me then i chuck the rest of the juice down the sink and pour another one.

Also i have this irritation to doors that are left open so i have to walk up to the door and close it even if noone else is in the house.

When it happens i just get this little tick in my head eg. walking past an opened door and the tick says "close the door" but i ignore it and walk up the stairs but the longer i leave it the more im telling myself to close it almost like something bads going to happen if i dont. Wierd, i know.
I'm paranoid about light. I will turn an light off then I will run back to check that I turned it off a few times. When I do this I touch the light switch and press down on it until I'm satifided the light is off. I broke the diming light switch in one of the rooms because of it.

When walking into school the walk way is devided up into big squares. I have to get four steps in a square.

I do what white_daisy does traceing over my words to make sure they are dark enough. In math class I have to have my numbers look perfect. I will keep rewriteing them until they look ok. Sometimes I do that with my writing but most of the time I can't because it's in pen.

After I take a shower I have to look around the bathroom many times to see that I haven't left any clothes or soap or any thing else laying around. I will stop and just stare at the skin, floor, and shower.


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i cant step on any cracks on a sidewalk, if i do, im always afraid that the sidewalk will break even more, and some roadworker will drive up suddenly and get pissed at me. is that ocd?
and when im smoking a cigarette, the little print on the cigarette that says the brand always has to face up.
and i am EXTEMELY paranoid about saving data on a game...i have to save at least 10 times before i am convinced that my data has actally been copied and put into my memory card.
and if i am walking down the street, i have to kick every rock i can without having to stop walking, if i can kick it and keep walking, i have to kick it. if i have to stop or turn to kick it, i dont need to. i just feel like someone will trip on it or something if i dont get it out of the way.
Touching anything then i have to touch it with the other and too, have to move my head around when looking at a mirror so that i am looking at it and then not looking at it, until it feels right etc. my leg just brushed the underside of my computer chair thingy, and i had to touch it with it several more times. and now im doing it with the other one lol.

mostly having to touch things more than once and with different hands etc. of course as ive said before my main problem is i go through almost everything that people say, letter by letter, to make sure that i can then group them into 3s (usually) and add and take away other letters etc to get to odd or even numbers depending on how i am that day. and well tbh that could be seen as weird, lol.

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I have like...the stupidest OCD habits. :dry:

-I cannot use two different writing utensils on the same piece of paper (even if they are the same color).
-I have to write a whole page over or redo an entire drawing if I make one mistake.
-I often count my steps-up to 300 then I start over again.
-It takes me longer than most to do any sort of project as it has to be 'perfect'.
-I step over the baby gate with my right foot...I will take bigger or smaller steps in order to do so.
-I have to cross my zeroes.
-I step on all cracks taking the same number of steps in between and stepping on each crack with the same foot.
-The volume on any electronic device has to end in zero or five or be on an even tick.
-I count things such as stairs even though I already know how many there are.
-I organize other people's things.
-Everything has a specific place (the remote, ash tray, everything).
-I hate for my gas gauge to be on anything other than one of the lines (1/2, 1/4, etc.)
-When I cut, it's an even number of cuts, always.
-I have to put eight strides of deodorant under each arm.
-It bothers me if, when straightening my hair, I don't have an equal amount of hair when it's parted.
-I have using abbreviations and shortcuts for words.
-I have a certain ritual when I'm taking a shower.
-I constantly go over anybody's writing or typing, I read it over and over again.

I hate this disorder with a passion. My dad had OCD when he was younger and he still has some tendencies, but not near as bad as it used to be. He always stepped off with his left foot, had to turn the light off and on a certain amount of times, started the car a certain amount of times, couldn't read because of a certain thing he did that I can't really explain. My mom told me not too long ago that she always said I was the 'perfect' child, that I tried to please everyone and she was always concerned that I had OCD like my father. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! :mad:
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