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  1. vbuk

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    ok so this is gonna sound stupid but right now im overcome with happieness - for one little reason. I went to the rugby.

    it was a darby match - the only true derby in Rugby League in the uk. Both Hull teams - one east one west.

    Winning this match would secure us a position in the super league - the highest league.

    We havent done so good this year and needed to win one match to enable us to stay up - and we did it.

    the match was away. at the other side of the city. i went with my dad. the whole atmosphere was amazing. fans everywhere singing. chanting.

    when the match started we didnt look too good - but at half time we were winning - by this point i had lost my voice. but i kept shouting and screaming - i went mental.

    we won! we hammered them! it was amazing.

    we were amazing!

    I am so happy! my fav player who is injured came on the pitch at the end and was singing 'im rovers till i die'

    Its a party in East Hull tonight.

    And i feel happy!

    Stupid really - shouldnt let rugby decide my emotions.

    Come on you reds

    Clare x
  2. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    Being able to enjoy simple pleasures in life can make all the difference. :)
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