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stupid people on the net

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Some of this pertains to friends you meet here or general online friends. I just wanted to say that I am very irrated when I try to make friends and it all goes up in smoke. If my issues overwhelm others they should say so. Many of us have a very low threshold of trust.

I met 2 women in different places. Thought I could 'pick their brains' to get some more constructive coping skills. For awhile yes, it was nice. I just HATE IT!! when people drop you and stop writing. Like that is fine. NO, it's not fine at all. Thanks a fucking lot. I know I am messed up. What is your idiotic excuse? What a good reinforcement to seek improvement. I should know that it is coming in the future. I won't bother. :furious:

It does not matter that I do not have ANYONE in my life. WHY must people be so fake, mean about communication??? huh, WHY? They can't even say "sorry I do not know what to say about this".....that would be better than just disappearing. I am already depressed, shut the door in my face. see if I care. AAAGGGGGRRRrrrrrrrrrr, I want to scream :furious:

I really don't care if you have more to add. I just needed to get this off my chest. I know others have things in their lives too--->all I'm asking for is some common, simple, kind, nice, courtesy. Thanks for listening SF
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You can pick my brain any time. Not sure you'll find anything in it (me brain that is) but the offer stands. :biggrin:
Hey TLA, I know the feeling. I have been in contact with a lot of people via mail & email and I hate it when they don't reply. I always think it is something to do with me and I said something wrong or something like that but, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, personal circumstances delay the response. Maybe they are busy with their homelife or something and simply haven't the time to reply to your messages. When was the last time you heard from them?
You could drop them a quick message to say hi and see if they reply to it and take it from there.

I have been in contact with one particular person for roughly 1 year, we send each other emails and I sent him an email back in December and didn't hear anything from him until yesterday. So please don't give up hope. There are people who will listen to you and be there for you and won't turn your back, I'm here anytime if you want someone to talk to. :hug:


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Yea, It feels great to be heard! Glad to know others have been there. Thanks all!!! :biggrin:

Res-I knew that is a possibility...I am not overanxious for responses, Fustrated, yea.
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