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Stupid People

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Edicius si Evol, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member


    I get along with the most ppl at my school...but there are a few that are plain stupid.

    ugghhh..today we were working in groups and I was in a group with two boys...one of them is a stupid hip hop guy i so fucking dislike.

    After singing hip hop songs all the time and making raps with my name in it and also singing about my breasts and other misogynistic stuff...i said that he should stop cuz i dislike hip hop

    boy: You dislike hip hop ? But people like 2pac were genious.

    me:I dislike that kind of music.

    boy: You're a hater. There is too much hatred in your heart that is your problem.
    You dislike nearly everything.

    me: I think hip hop is just stupid and the lyrics have no further sense

    boy: 2pac is a genious ! He is much smarter than you. You think you are smart, he ?
    I tell you...2pac is a god..he is writing very deep lyrics because he is highly intelligent..you will never reach that..he wrote lyrics every day...with a deep sense

    You always speak up for ..tolerance in classes but you are the most intolerant and racist person i know. Just because 2pac is black ! I am tolerant...i not only listen to hip hop..i only like some rock...I listen to Nirvana and so on. 2pac was a genious. And I'd never say things like Kurt Cobain was not a genious just because i listen to hip hop. Kurt Cobain was a genious too. But you are a hater !

    me: I love Kurt Cobain. He is smart...and writes good lyrics...and I think he is cute...but that is more girly stuff

    boy: You are against misogynism ? You diss your own race of women. You say "girly stuff" ...you degrade your own race.
    I am a genious. That's why all the nerds and ugly people hate me..i am smarter than them and yet i am more popular than them.
    You know, I am too cool for you. I am superior to you and you are inferior. I am one of the cool guys at school...you know, we are the ones going around school having a lot of friends...having fun all the time..laughing...and you..you are more of a nerd.

    me: I am a nerd ? I am not a nerd !.

    boy: What do you think then what you are ? One of the popular girls?.

    me: No, I think I am just normal and random.

    boy: It's ok to be a nerd. In movies that are the ones that always get the girls in the end.
    Well, in movies...

    me: This is a group work about this book here and not about personal things so let's go on working..

    boy: See, that is why you are a nerd.


    ARRGHH...this is so annoying. He would also go on with stuff like : "Do you have friends?" and "I imagine you sitting at home all alone all the time".
    And talking about what cool clothes he wears and how much cooler he is than me.

    And the other one said I can't be rly fighting for the rights of the women because I shave my armpits.
    He said women are only doing that for pleasing men. No, i do it bcz it is imo more hygienic and prettier.
    But no...he said real woman activists don't shave their armpits.
  2. And this is relevant on a suicide forum because??????
  3. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    it brings me down to be bullied that way because of my history ?

    And because he said things like i am a nerd e.t.c..

    ok i seemed to write here more the music-based stuff he says so it doesnt rly look like bullying..but he went on with stuff like

    "i bet you have no friends"

    "you have no life no hobbies"


    it made me feel down
  4. Greenforest

    Greenforest Well-Known Member

    How old are you? Sounds very childish, though that's what bullies are no matter what age. Feeding theirselves with others suffering, pure evil.

    Funny thing is that those hip hop guys are so much against racism, but still despise nerds, strange kids and those they think are ugly. You are from Germany? As German he must hate Adolf Hitler very much, but how different are his superior-inferior thoughts from NSDAP? :rolleyes:
  5. Smythe

    Smythe Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you have to deal with that crap. But the guy sounds so incredibly
    stupid, I found myself laughing while reading your post.
    I know it's hard to do, easy to say, but try not to let him have an effect on
    your mood, he's not worth it.
  6. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I know it's hard, especially for school-age folks, but try not to let him get to you. He sounds like an idiot, and his idiocy is not deserving of a response from you. Ignore that nitwit. Focus on your studies and don't dignify his stupidity and arrogance with a response. You have better things to do with your energy.

  7. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    What's wrong? :mellow: I don't see how it isn't relevant.

    Evol, sod this guy. He is an idiot, Least is quite right.

    As for shaving armpits, I agree that it is more hygenic. Go figure :tongue:.
  8. ybt

    ybt Guest

    stop complaining about what people rant about on the rant forum. that's what it's for.
  9. Evo_L

    Evo_L Well-Known Member

    It's hard, but I think you should just bite your tongue. When it comes to musics and tastes like that it's virtually impossible to get someone to see your point or to enjoy anything they like either. There's something I really detest, programmes, films and music, but other people really like them. Even when I mention I hate them people instantly get offended by it. I've had these conversations at work and so on someone will say "OH that new song is so amazing! She's got such a good voice! Fair play to her." And I'm thinking 'Fuck me! Talentless piece of shite!' , then if someone asks for my opinion on it I just have to raise my hands and say "IT's not my scene at all" OR I go into a rant about the commercialisation and bastardation of the music industry creating these fucking talantless irritating nonsensical bullshit pieces of absolute dire shite.

    That guy however sounds utterly laughable, if that is a word for word transcript of the conversation he must be glued some dire shit on TV.

    With an attitude like that he's the one who's going to be singled out in future and find himself standing awkwardly infront of his superiors whilst they debate what's to be done with his attitude in words he won't understand till he's thrown out the doors of the Burger king where he works.

    2pac and kurt have been dead a long time too, get with the times. :)
  10. Edicius si Evol

    Edicius si Evol Well-Known Member

    I think this is not rly what it is about.
    It was my mistake to write about the music stuff here..but it is more about how he treated me.

    I wouldn't have even started the whole "i dislike hip hop thingy" if he hadn't started rapping so very load and doing those raps about me using my name...singing about my breasts and stuff.
    We were about to do serious school work...and he is 19 or 20 and he was dancing around instead making strange moves and was singing
    lyrics that were annoying.

    And then he wouldnt stop saying what a nerd i am and what a shitty life i'd have etc

    He was also saying things very load so that other ppl could hear it..things that mostly werent true like "i heard at this one party you were dancing on the tables and everyone made fun of you and laughed at you".
    huh ?
    I never did that..but those rumors get started and everyone believes that then.

    I already wrote how i was bullied in my former schools..and in this school here i got some "friends" or at least people i get along with.
    However, i am not meeting with them or so..i hang around with them and get along very good with them.

    And he started asking "do you have any friends here?" and this hurt me kinda and i said yes and said who i considered my friends and he was liek "do you meet with them at the weekends and party?".
    No i don't...and he was like they wouldnt be my friends then ..this made me feel like i was an outsider again and like i had no friends and therefore it brought me down.
  11. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    People like that really are woth the worry we ler them cause... I know it's hard to not worry about what others think and say, but people who are cruel and bully are the loser in the end anyway.

    Take care and stay safe hun :hug:
  12. I don't mean to turn this into an anti-rap thread by saying this, btw, I'm not anti-rap, anyways, though I thought I'd add this story to this thread. I thought it was extremely hilarious, yet bizarre and disturbing. It happened the other day, when I was at a mongolian barbeque restaurant located in a very affluent, mostly-wealthy, caucasian neighborhood. The restaurant, which seems to be operated by a bunch of wealthy college kids, who have the stupidest-sounding rap, well, more like dance club rap music blasting in the place, were dancing to some very awful song I never heard before, though, I had no choice, other than to listen to it, or leave, which I didn't want to do because the food there is good. Anyways, the song basically had one line of lyric through most of the song which was "I know I'm hott, I'm hott, this is why I'm hott". These wealthy college kids dancing around to this music, pretending they were some famous rap stars, was pathetic.
  13. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    that guy was an idiot... perhaps he needs shot, like tupac?
  14. Evo_L

    Evo_L Well-Known Member

    That is terrible, he's 19 years old and he's still behaving like that? Why he is even at school? What an idiot, he sounds like a total arsehole. What a prick he obviously is on shakey ground himself to come out with comments like that. Most people who behave like that are and find themselves rather isolated when they're no longer in school.