Stupid people!

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    I'm sure some of you may find this funny (and I do now, myself) but at the time I was so completely and utterly floored.

    I work in the complaints department at the IHOP Corp. I spend my days getting phone calls and reading emails from pissed-off people (to be fair, we do get some wonderful compliments, but not as many as the complaints). When we get a call, the one bit of info we really need is the location of the restaurant in question: we can't do anything if we don't know where it happened. On Friday I got a call from a woman who worked at an IHOP in Massachusetts and wanted to complain about her manager. The following conversation then took place:

    Her: I'd like to tell you about something that's been going on where I work.

    Me: Of course. Could you tell me the city and state of the restaurant you work at?

    Her: I work in Massachusetts.

    Me: In what city, please?

    Her: Boston.

    [I type Boston in.]

    Me: We don't have a restaurant in Boston, Maam. Could it be in one of the cities surrounding Boston?

    Her: [mumbles] New Hampshire.

    Me: Maam, Boston is not in New Hampshire. What city do you work in?

    Her: Saugus.

    Me: Saugus. You work at our store in Saugus?

    Her: No, but that's close to Boston.


    Me: Maam, where do you work?

    Her: Revere.

    [Pause while I type Revere into the computer.]

    Me: We have two stores in Revere: one on Maple and one on Sycamore. Which one is your store?

    Her: I don't know.

    [Pause. Your noble narrator begins to lose patience. Did I mention I was five minutes away from lunch break?]

    Me: Maam... where... do... you.. WORK?


    Her: I'll call you back.

    [click... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.]

    I can understand not knowing the number of the building where you work, but you don't know what street you work on? How the Hell do you get there in the morning? What do people say when you get there? Wow?

    People.... fuckin' people...
  2. Petal

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    Maybe she didn't speak good english or had alzeihmers, or had a mental issue, no need to be hard on her especially when you don't know anything about her.
  3. DarnTired

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    I'm sorry. I was under the impression that I was allowed to vent in this part of the forum. Excuse me I offended anyone.
  4. Terry

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    It had to be a wind up didnt it?
    I mean how can you not know where you work :unsure:
    BIG QUESTION!!! ....did she ever phone back :laugh:

    Could she find the phone...or locate her desk........ :tongue::laugh:
  5. Petal

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    Im sorry, you have every right to express your feeling and frustrations without feeling judged.
  6. DarnTired

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    Her husband called back, but I didn't get the call. I got the impression that he hung up before saying what wrong. I still don't know what the problem was. I've been told that I'm actually quite sympathetic on the phone. Sometimes the job gets to me, especially just before a break.

    Hi, Terry! Doc ? was good last night, wasn't he?
  7. Terry

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    Doc bloody well rocked !!! :wootrock: as well as being the sexiest thing next to John Barrowman :drool:
  8. DarnTired

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    I'm not gay, but I Tennant is more my type.
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    I've done similar phone work and hated every second of it. People are so stupid sometimes, makes you wonder how they get safely thru each day.:blink:
  10. ~PinkElephants~

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    If someone has alzeimhers they wouldn't be working. That would be harmful to themselves and the people around them. Correct?

    How does one not know what town the work in?! :laugh:
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    :laugh: bunny i read some of that link
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    That site is hilarious :rofl: thanks for sharing :hug:
  14. Terry

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    Girl I once knew was in a coffee shop with 3 of us and we had all ordered our coffees when it got to her.
    Girl: "I'll have a black coffee please"
    Waitress: "Certainly madam" ...waitress proceeds to leave
    Girl: "Oh wait..that is with milk isnt it" :blink:

    Am happy to report this girl was thrown off the nursing course before she could do any real damage :laugh: