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stupid people

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so the stupid jerk from the army says i cant join because i havent shown that i cant ''function in society'', well just how the fuck did i make it through the goddammn door! what an asshole! little pencil pusher is what he is!
so thay tell me to work for a year then come back, its the 2nd time ive been rejected. so i get a crappy job packing boxes in a warehouse, then get fired after 7 months because of some bitch boss who caught me smoking, what a fucking bitch! so outta work and in a bad mood, my short time girlfriend breaks it off because she kept talking to a dick of an x boyfriend, 3 weeks later shes got her self some other sorry bastard of a guy to use as a toy.
then my friend starts asking me for money i owe him on a amp, he knows im outta work and down and that piece of shit still ask me, i wonna punch his fucking teeth out. so much godamn anger inside, i just wonna freak out on everyone.


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I truly know how you feel and can fill up this server with examples similar to the one you posted...so sorry you are feeling this way too...Please PM me if you ever need a place to 'dump' your anger as I truly understand...I am so tired of saying 'moron' under my breath all day...J


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you have every right to feel angry and it shows you are a good guy because you arent going round causing fights! Im sorry you are having such a terrible time and it seems as though your being taken advantage of at a time when you need support !
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