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  1. i hate this.
    i hate him.
    i hate everybody.
    well not cody...or sam...but everyone else in this
    just cause i was in the pavillion the think
    they have the privllige to talk about me
    they call me a pothead.
    and a good-for-nothing-peice-of-trash
    just because i dress the way i do.
    just because i have the friendsi do.
    they need to mind their own buisiness.
    and stop spreading rumors.
    about me having aids
    and selling my body.
    i am not a fucking slut
    nor will i ever be one.
    its enough towant to kill someone!
    slit their throught.
    put them in a saw mill.
    hit them with a bat.
    chop em up in peices and feed them to alligators.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.