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Stupid, stupid me.

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I just lost my best friend, through my own stupid choices. I'd rather be dead than be without her. S'all I got to say. Dunno what else I can say.


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Not a hope in hell in repairing it.

It's fine, I deserve it. I forgave some friends that another friend won't forgive. I re-friended them. She deserted me. It's cool, guess I'm the one in the wrong.

She just doesn't understand how I genuinely feel about her :/ I'm alone. Massively.
it's your choice to forgive these other people. i think it shows how mature you are. i think your friend who dumped you is being childish. i'm sure that doesn't take away the pain you are feeling, just a reality check. maybe she will come around in her thinking. not much you can do, just know you did the right thing.

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sorry your friend is not acting like one you have the right to forgive who ever you please she may grow up some day until then try to find a friend that does not play these games okay hugs


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Thanks Total and Dazzle.
I just... I can't take it without her.

I know I'm the one being more mature about it, but yeah. I don't really know what to say :/


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Hey Matt, Give her some time.. I'm sure she misses your friendship as much as you do..Everyone hurts the ones they love time to time..Give her some time and then try and talk to her..
Matt93 no one deserve to be in pain but it is part of life. if we did not feel pain we could not feel joy. im not feeling well myself but I know I will feel better one day. just know that your the one being a true friend... bravo!


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If she doesn't know how you feel, it might make you feel better to let her know, if she's going to reject you anyway.

At least, that's the logic I'm operating under right now...
For now just stay quiet. Let her think things over. Accept that she wants some space and wait. You can respect her decision, without blaming yourself.

Be patient. If, in three or four weeks time you still have not heard from her. Contact her then with some lighthearted friendly talk and see what happens.

In the mean time try to be kinder to yourself. Everyone has the right to make decisions based on what they feel is fair and correct.
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