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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!!

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Goddamnit, my stupid fucking mother took my papers this morning. She got up like an hour before me, rolled them, and took them on my route. She doesnt know that i have lost 4 houses and gained one however and she will be coming up short, and delivering to the incorrect houses. STUPID!!!! i mean really, you cant even wake me up to go with you?!?!?? she doesnt have any kind of list, god im going to get in so much trouble with my boss. its too early to even ride my bike out there so i cant go retrive the ones she fucked up on... and as soon as someone sees the paper whos not supposed to get it, they will call in, and wonderful i have one of my alloted two black marks for the week not to tell about the person whos supposed to get the paper and she wont deliver to!!! :{


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Can I ask what sort of papers they are, and why is your mom doing this for you? I can only assume she is trying to help you, and maybe she didn't want to wake you up.

idk, hope it all settles ok.


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I can empathize. I used to work for our local newspaper in the customer service dept. I took all sorts of calls including district managers. DM's usually check the routes early. Hopefully we'll see if your DM checks your route. Give them a call.


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sounds like your Mum is trying to help you and understands you are not well
don't be too hard on her

when she gets back can you tell her whats happened and she can go fix the problem for you
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