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Stupid thing

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by InnerStrength, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    This was sort of a weird situation earlier today. I was writing some fanfiction and I posted it. I got a few responses saying "you should publish this!," well naturally as fanfic it really didn't stand a chance. But some published author swaggered in and said "his prose doesn't exactly sparkle, I should know I'm a published author."

    In the end, I agreed with him. But, to me, writing is the only thing I thought I was good at. It gave me validation. Now, and I know this is pathetic, but I feel horribly depressed atm. I have nothing else going for me. This is horrible.
  2. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    So one person doesn't like what you wrote.
    So what!?

    Everyone has different tastes and opinions.
    If you love to write, then do what you love.
    Too many people give up their dreams because of critisim.

    Don't let that happen to you:hug:

    Keep Writing:smile:
  3. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    Thanks innocence. It wouldn't've bothered me so much, except this person was supposedly a published author.
  4. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    Supposedly. See, they might not even be. And don't worry. Some times critisim from some hot shot, could be a little more meaningful than from anyone "nobody" as you might put it.
  5. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    Yeah, maybe.
  6. Just because someone's been published (keep in mind you don't know where he's been published, could be some crap magazine no one reads) does not mean they know what is good writing. you should only let the opinions of publishers (ones that publish good stories and books) matter if you're really looking to be a writer. and even then, so much crap gets published these days, it's hard to tell who knows what's good or not.
  7. hare

    hare Active Member

    literature is a personal thing. it evokes different reactions between different people, and a published author's point of view can still just be another interpretation. if you truly enjoy writing, that's what matters. lots of people can't express themselves with words well, and if you can, that's great.
    i can relate as far as writing goes. i'm a major quitter, but i've been writing for a long time. since i enjoy it, i haven't quit. writing evolves. if you love it, you'll get better. i can understand why you'd feel depressed about the published author's remark, but you don't have to let someone like that intimidate you. every writer has a unique voice. i'm sure yours shines.
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    There were "published authors" that did not like the writings of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Kurt Vonnegut, Danielle Steele and many other famous authors. There is an audience for just about everything. Each individual has different tastes, so because one person does not like something it doesn't mean others won't. Don't let this one person destroy what you had. He is only one opinion in the vast ocean of many. :hug:
  9. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    Thank you, gentlelady, and everyone else.
  10. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    You know, just because he's an published author doesn't mean his opinion is final. Sure there are many experts and professionals in many fields of work but regardless, what they say is an opinion. The reason most people listen to people like them is because their more knowledgable.

    Don't let one person get you down, it's simply his opinion. What matters is what you think.
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