stupid work! :(

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    Had a really rough night in work... started with a customer taking the bar owners pint, and drinking it. I told the customer it wasnt his beer to be drinking... then his wife decided to start...
    Shes known for being crazy when drunk, called me every name under the sun, slabbered the bit out... made me feel about 3 inches tall...
    I had to put on a front in front of the regulars, that i wasnt scared, and that i was dead on.... i was shitting myself.... then she slabbered more and more..... made me feel like shit!!!
    Finally she was left.... the bar owner hardly spoke.... she just ranted on.... and on... and on.... i was raging at him.
    All this commotion was started because they were caught out drinking other peoples drink....ugh
    So now, im at home... just in.... and the whole way home i just wanted to cut... i was made to feel so little and shite, that i am now so tempted to go to my kitchen, and cut away.... fml!
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    Sorry I didn't see this post any sooner, tainted-angel. :arms:

    I can imagine how bad you must feel having someone going at you like that. Try not to let it get to you too much though. It's just another drunk trying to stir shit. She had no right to treat you that way, drunk or not.

    I do hope you didn't end up selfharming? :hug: