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    I am sitting at my desk trying to calm myself down and hating myself for being STUPID. And normally when I say stupid I am talking about some emotionally driven decision or action - and I am that kind of stupid on an almost perpetual basis. I have basically come to terms with being 'that kind of stupid'.

    The kind of stupid that reduces me to tears of frustration and self loathing is the "HOW CAN YOU NOT FUCKING GET THIS?!" kind of stupid. Usually involving some kind of math/data. I hate that I can't work it out for myself - I HATE that I don't get it when someone explains it to me and it still makes no sense and I really really hate it when I make the person that is trying to so frustrated and annoyed with me for NOT getting it that they tell me I "don't need to understand it - I just need to do it".

    So if I have something that costs £35 and I want to make a 65% margin I need to take my £35 and divide it by 0.35. £35/0.35 = £100. Fine. But if I sell it for £70 I have made 100% profit. My MD tells me that GP (gross profit) is the SAME as margin. How can that be true. If my profit is 100% but my margin in that instance would be 50%???

    I am not really expecting anyone to explain this to me - apparently I am far too fucking stupid to understand if you try. Believe me, people have tried. I just really needed to vent before I cry at my desk.
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    *hugs* You are not stupid. hmm I don't get this either.
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    You aren't stupid! I'm sorry you feel this way and how frustrated you are!

    I am dyscalculic (short version, dyslexic with numbers... only there's so much more to it... despite having a high IQ) So I understand your frustration fully...
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  4. Brian777

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    Freya, you are not stupid, you're a good and caring person and we all love you. You may not get the numbers thing but you are smart where it really matters in life. Helping people. (((Hugs)))
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    The way some of us understand math is different than other people. Getting a different explaination/scope even a different formula and whys to it will make hella a lot more sense than the first time around. Definely not stupid. Hugs
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  6. Witty_Sarcasm

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    You aren't stupid, I don't even understand basic algebra so I know how hard that can be. So math isn't your strong point, you have other things you are good at, so try not to be too hard on yourself.
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  7. Terry

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    Give me calculus and I'm happy as a pig in shit.
    Have an A level in maths, aced it; but what you just posted might as well have been in Chinese for all the sense it made to me.
    So if you're stupid I'm right there with you.
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  8. Inanimate

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    This is so me right here. Yeah, I don't understand either, although I'd really love to now.


    In all seriousness, you're obviously an intelligent person :), so try not to beat yourself up over not understanding some concepts right away. Not everyone will have the same level of understanding of a certain concept upon being informed about said concept the same way (that was complicated to write :D), and if you happen to be lacking an understanding in that given situation or any given situation, that's okay -- you're okay :). I've heard the phrase "You don't need to understand it -- you just need to do it" many times, and I think that's quite dismissive. Either they don't fully understand themselves, or they're not being patient enough to make an effort to explain better; it's most likely the former, IMO, to shield their credibility.

    I hope you're doing better.
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  9. islandification

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    To make 65% you need a profit of 22.75 (.65 x 35). Adding that to your 35 gives a selling price of 57.75

    If you can do that you will be fine. just concentrate on your product and customers and hire an accountant to sweat the other stuff.
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    Thank you all - I forced the finance controller to sit down and discuss it with me and then bothered a friend who is a genius at this stuff until I finally figured out that the actual problem is my MD trying to tell me that Profit and Margin are the same thing, and they are not. I feel a bit better about it since even I can't insist that it is stupid of me to not understand when someone is telling me something that is wrong. I still don't really fully get it - but at least I am not quite as badly off with it as I was yesterday. Thank you!
  11. WildCherry

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    I feel your pain. When it comes to numbers, I literally want to cry. People can explain things to me over and over again, in many different ways, and I still don't get it. As a teen, my dad offered to teach me Algebra over a summer because I'd failed the semester before. He got so frustrated with me that he slammed the book and gave up; he assumed I wasn't trying, when I was actually trying really hard and kept ending up in tears because he thought I should get it, and I didn't. I still don't. I failed college math 3 times and gave up, and I continue to hate and dread numbers.
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  12. Butterfly

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    I am shit at maths. Always have been and always will be. Now science, that is definitely my thing! You are not stupid at all Lu, you are the least stupid person I know!!
  13. Freya

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    Thank you - that made me smile and was really nice :)
  14. Freya

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    The assumption that someone isn't trying just because they find something difficult (or impossible) is a pet peeve. I didn't mind algebra so much because it was like a logic puzzle and I could see how that worked. I hate "just because" math - knowing 'the sum' and knowing why it works are two different thing. I know that to find out what % I got on a quiz or test for example I take my score, divide it by the total possible score, and multiply by 100. I know that is how to do it. I do not know why. I have been told a billion times by various people that I do not need to know why. No. YOU don't need to know why - and that is fine for you, but I need to know why.

    I am sorry that your dad made you so upset - clearly teaching is not his forte!
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  15. Petal

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    You are one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for being a brilliant friend :)
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  16. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I am glad you got that sorted out, and that you are understanding the math a bit more. Numbers are like a foreign language to me. Some of us will never "get it" and shouldn't be made to feel bad if we don't.