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its going to be ok. you're shy, you're just shy. and that's ok. i know its hard, when you want to be with a partner, but you're having a hard time instigating. its especially hard when you're a guy and you're expected to make the first move.
please don't harm yourself, ok? please. give yourself some time. in time, you will overcome this shyness, you will learn how to cope with it. you're not stupid, not at all. you can do this life.
one of the sweetest, dearest guys i ever knew in my entire life was very, VERY shy toward women. he died by suicide. i loved him with all my heart.
please do not do what he did. out there, somewhere there is a lady who loves you very much, or who has loved you, or who WILL love you, very much. please take care of YOU, and try to have patience and faith that when the right time comes, you will meet her.

just dont care

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its not stupid cause there is a girl in my life that is showing intrest in me but i aint doing nothing about it. but i am interested in her a lot its just that its hard to tell her and i am not used to showing my emotions to people its hard for me to open up. its not your fault that, thats happening to me as well dont be sad cause its not your fault.


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Yahoo, MSN, magazines can give you tips. All people have the same deal. It is a human thing. Better to be shy, private (mysterious) and careful than snobby, fake and over-confident.

read on some of the dating sites, they have suggestions to help you learn what to do and how to grow into it. Questions or forum sites. One I read on in past, plenty of fish.com....a free one. you don't have to be a dater. can private your profile.

oh yea, it takes practice!!

Good luck


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What I like to do in those situations is pick a day. Not to far, but not to close. Sometime like next week. You have to pick a day, but don't pick a time. When that day comes, you can pick anytime you want, but it should probably be a time that you know you can get a hold of her. If you can't reach her, try again in 30 minutes. If that doesn't work, try one more time in an hour. Finally, if that doesnt work, then pick another day next week. Also, once you try the first time, it's so much easier because you just think to yourself that "I already made the effort once to call and it was very possible that we would have already spoke had I have gotten a hold of her." I know this sounds crazy but it really works!!!
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