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hello i feel realy depressed latly cus i went to a party with some friends and i drank abit to much at first i didnt feel eny differnt then when i went in to the house eveything went crazy and this is wat iv been told by my friends i was trying to kill my self i went into the kitchen and got a knife and was about to kill my self when i was stop by a friend then they put me somwere to sleep and i slept for abit and got bc up went back into the kitchen and got the knife again but this time i cut my arm and was stoped and theres more but i dont want to write enymore cus i dont like thinking about it. well a day after i have been told wat i did and now i have properly thought about it i feel so depressed im thinking about killing my self and one of my good friends is upset cus i hate life and want to kill my self i cant take it enymore i might kill my self soon i just am worryed about failing i was thinking about OD but proberly fail then im thinking to go nere a cliff and drink loads then itl be over. i dont realy know wat to do im realy confused i would like to die but then again it will make alot of ppl upset wich is also stoping me its realy confusing for me i was planing on doing it today but i dunno now i feel abit scared :(


aww you poor thing. I think that there is more than just this party to make someone depressed enough to want to end it. i also don't think ending it will solve anything it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem in my opinion. If you feel scared you can PM me for a chat anytime and i will reply *This goes for ewveryone* or try and focus and look for the positive's in your life and dwell on them for a while. but i hope you will try and ride out the strom insted of riding the Bus.

Take Care and stay safe

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