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    Finally a thread that I know a lot about.

    I'm be the first to stand up and say or agree that I am a stupid person. Not in all things. But in too many things in life. Too many important things in my life. Like love, trust, sharing, feelings etc. The important things that can make or break you. And I am stupid because these things always are abused by others with me. And it's over and over. It's not because of anything else but my own stupidity.

    The biggest thing in my life that I am completely ignorant to or so stupid to is myself. I am stupid enough to always put someone elses need, pain and wants before my own. But that is who I am. Some people call it being compassionate. Some say I'm understanding. Some say caring. Some say unselfish. But no one has the balls to call it what it is. I'm stupid.

    And I certainly dont learn from my mistakes or from doing things over and over again. Nope lets see in the last 19 years I couldnt even guess the number of times I cleaned up someone elses shit, wipe their asses clean, tidy up the mess and threw it in the garbage and then waited for the next time. Yeah my life is nothing better than being the diaper changer. I've had so much practice that I can honestly call myself an expert at being stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. And I just keep "doesing" it. Some people just never learn. And I'm one of them.

    But in my defence..... the ones that live to hurt others to bring out their stupidity, always seem to find me. And I'm too stupid to see them coming in waves to land on my doorstep. Oops gotta go..... someone's at the front door.
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    I don't think it's stupid's just the way we are....(I'm like it too)...
    I don't think we could live with ourselves if we were any other way..

    but if the word is "stupid" then I'm right there with you ...stupid I am too..

    And I'm too stupid to see them coming in waves to land on my doorstep. Oops gotta go..... someone's at the front door.

    this made me smile....someones at my door too...:sad:
  3. Terry

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    Not stupid, vunerable and a softy perhaps and if being a soft touch is stupid then I have a degree in it :hug:
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    I totally agree with IV here because i too do the same thing I know you are far from stupid my god you could be an fff doctor with your insight. We are who we are and stupidity has nothing to do with it.