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Yeah, ive had this speaking disorder as long as i remember but ive learned pretty much to ignore it and how to deal with it but it is still there. Id be glad if you guys and gals have some experiences to share about the subject.

I myself usually got very upset when someone even mentioned about it when i was younger. I took it very personally. Even nowdays if some stranger makes a joke about it i start seeing red.

Alf Stewart

As a kid I used to stutter when I was nervous.

I remember being six years old in school. I was trying to tell the teacher that my friend was crying. I couldn't get the words out. The evil bitch of a teacher screamed at me to sit down then mimicked my stutter.

I could kill her now just thinking of it.

Thankfully I just kinda grew out of it in my late teens, although I have to concentrate on speaking slowly when I'm anxious.



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My brother who is now 16 has been stuttering for as long as I can remember, probably his whole life. I'm ashamed to say many times I do insult him frequently over it. :sad:
He tells me that he never stutters in school, mostly only around me, hm. :mellow:
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