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Subclinical hypothyroidism


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So... okay. I’m not getting meds but going to try diet and exercise. But if I do another test and the number is higher, I’ll then get not her test and then meds. I do need to try supplement. Have list. But only can acquire at vitamin shop not grocery store or big box stores. I’m still lethargic and super foggy. And all the other wonderful symptoms.

Anyway, I’m on the road!


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I feel better in some regards. I’m getting more energy, mood swings have improved but it’s still hard going with insomnia, foggy head, and the constipation. That’s a super pain in the butt. Sorry, couldn’t help it ;) I’ve given up on worrying about my hair loss. Is what it is.

Im taking biotin, Super B complex and Apple Cider Vinegar. Had sour stomach for 3 days, okay now. I’m light exercising every day, that I don’t have an ovarian cyst. When one shows it takes a few days to go away.

Boy I know, hot mess *help

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