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    Some say that it is that part of the mind that lies dormant as we go about doing our daily work. Others say that it is the counterpart of our conscious mind that is active while we are sleeping. Those who believe in subconscious mind say that it gives us a peek into our desires and ambitions that we secretly hold, some of which eludes even our consciousness. Although a foolproof definition of the subconscious mind hasn't yet been achieved, its power has been acknowledged by mankind for long. No empirical proof has been found, but the subconscious mind has found mention centuries ago in various cultures of the world and meditation is just one of the techniques that our ancestors used as an exercise for subconscious mind control.

    Although development in the field of science and technology had diverted human attention more towards empirical attributes of the universe, subconscious mind power and control has seen renewed interest in recent decades. Here are a few subconscious mind exercises and techniques that help us to connect to the voice of the subconscious. More on your subconscious mind and you.

    Positive Self Affirmation: Say these things to yourself:

    * I AM the best.
    * I CAN do that.
    * I WILL succeed.
    * I WILL be happy.
    These are positive self affirmations that you could use to train your subconscious mind to believe that you can achieve success.
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    i liek this idea but itd ont work so well i dont think tbh.

    i keep saying "what do you mean we cant, of course we can..." and "you take risks but you take them in what you believe in" and "theres plenty of things we can say about them, i can say all sorts of things about them" but that nevewr seems to make any difefference reallty.

    edit -also ianother one i forget "our policy is to win"
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