Subliminal Messages.

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    I haven't looked at all of these yet, but the "coke" ads were incredible. Most liquor adds use the ice cubes.

    I don't have a link for this one but there was an ad in a magazine for lipstick. It had a very beautiful woman holding a lipstick container. Then it had a slide out portion which you pushed up with your hand to show her putting on the lipstick. Problem was that the tip of the lipstick was unmistakenly and blatantly, the shape of a penis.

    I seriously could not understand how that was allowed to pass by the censors which I assume look at these ads from time to time, don't they!
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    Although NOT subliminal messaging... I love listening to older Disney movies background audio tracks.

    Disney movies have alot of dirty imagery and hidden speech in general, but my favourite are on the original Aladdin VHS.
    The scene in the cave, where Aladdin is escaping--- turn the volume all the way up; bass down all the way and you can hear the voice actors telling each other dirty jokes.
    Also-- When Rahjah attacks Aladdin the first time he comes to visit Jasmine on her balcony; he whispers "Take off your clothes"

    Of course... the 'special edition' VHS and the DVD releases have gotten rid of all those fun tidbits...
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