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Success or failure....

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Success and failure are not meaningless ideas and the words apply to everybody, not just a select few. Success feels good to a person because we all like to have that feeling that we did something right, whereas failure feels bad because nobody likes to think they made a mistake. But, everybody makes a mistake and you can't change the past. Getting over a failure often involves accepting that you made a mistake, and then fixing it-if possible.

Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck.
It depends on the perception on how you look at the success or failure. Sometimes the success makes sadness for example if you win and you ruin the life of the other, it is sad eg, war I am sure American President who told to bomb Japan won't happy even though American won. Failure not always give you the bad feeling for example if you fighting for your position in your work and you do not get it so you would feel sad but on the other hand you know your college need this position because it means life and death situation to him/her, you fail to get that position but it may makes you happy for at least you make another people happy.
I personally coach young children in sport. I always like the situation when my student fail because they learn much more than they win. It is unavoidable that winner and loser are existing together. The most important what we learn from the failure. Lost of time failure may put you in the better position than success.
The problem nowaday is people do not know how to deal with success and failure, if we can deal it clevery, life is worth to live and see.
Not only have this problem I am sure.
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