Such a F*ck up (a story of my stupidity)

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    So I had a therapy session yesterday and one of the things that came up was that I blew a chance with a girl that actually did have interest in me and it wasn't just something I was imaging. So my therapist said I should send a facebook message saying hi or something to initiate contact again. I was uncomfortable with doing this online and would prefer to have another chance to talk in person. However, she was a friend of a friend and I wasn't sure when or even if I'd see her again.

    Well last night ended up being a trip downtown with a large group. Once we get to the bars and start hitting the drinks hard, this girl ends up showing up a little later. I'm happy but also busy with all my other friends. So I now have the chance to talk to her face to face on the same day I was given the assignment to initiate contact again. But do I do anything right? Of course not.

    A bunch of people decide to go to a different bar so I head outside thinking that everyone else, including this girl, is coming as well. I get outside and realize that half the people didn't come and that one of my friends has gone off to another different bar. This friend is someone who doesn't always make the best choices when she's drinking and to add to it, she was very upset about several things. So being who I am I go off to find her and I end up spending the rest of the night partying with her and her friend.

    Meanwhile everyone else ends up going home and I once again come off as having no interest in this girl when I really do. I've really blown it now.

    And to top it all off, I end up having a pretty shitty rest of the night, that included getting slapped and basically being shown that because of my looks, I'm not going to find another girl that is interested in me anytime soon.

    It just really hurts a lot and I just keep wrecking every chance I get. I think this might just shift things up to a little sooner than previously planned.
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    Hey Bigman, don't give up on this one. Send her a message saying how it was lovely to see her and that you would have loved to chat to her some more but were concerned for your other friend because of the state she was in. Therefore you had to go and make sure she was safe. Say you look forward to seeing her again and that next time you hope you will be able to talk to her and get to know her better. Send your best wishes. It's all true and it shows the compassionate and protective side of your nature. That is something that a lot of people find attractive. Best of luck my friend
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    I was thinking of something along those lines. Just have to figure out the exact words. Maybe I'll just edit what you have written since it's what I want to say but I always have a problem actually getting it out.

    Thank you for your response.
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    I think you should go for it mate and just be yourself. You are a good guy. Don't forget that. Hope it works for you. You will only find love by getting out there and looking. All the best.