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Such a Loser!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Thirsty, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Thirsty

    Thirsty Member

    I am so angry I will do my best to explain the situation...

    Ok so the meat and potatoes is that I can never seem to get a call/text back from people. I meet people, everything seems to go very well. Numbers get exchanged. I send them text messages, they don't respond. Sometimes they do, but it takes forever and they dont say much. I know, I know, sometimes people get busy, etc. But this happens way too often. I would say 9 / 10 people I meet. I have some friends and have consulted them. I have even had them with me in hopes they could perhaps point out something I didnt see. No such luck, in fact they sit back and go "WOW! You did everything right, I dont have a guess how to help you."

    My patience doesnt help but comeon! I send a text, they dont respond right away... That's ok might be busy.. Few hours later, well maybe they umm.. are taking a shower. 6 hours later... GRRRRR!

    I know that life is life and shit happens, but this makes me so mad I cannot see straight. My girlfriend told me all about her past of course. And well let's just say that plenty of people got a text back from her. I feel so inferior, and diseased or something.

    I meet a new person, things go so well that I honestly cannot see this coming. And wild stuff like for example, I call someone, they text back they are at work, no big deal right? So i text back ok, give me a call when you get off :). Well hours go by, I may know where they work and go by there, they arent there of course they already left. And I just go WTF!!!!!!! I mean why bother to text someone and tell them you are working if they called you once and you have no intention of talking to them? Ignore the call, done.

    This happens over and over and over and over. And when noone on the outside can offer any advice, what am I left to believe? That I am cursed? I dont want to burden them with my problems too much but this makes me feel like a worthless human being! Like trash! And to add insult to injury, when this happens in front of my gf, I know she just looks at me like Im pathetic. I spent a LOT of time playing games on computer in the last years, and my social skills arent razor sharp.

    I never know what to do. Do I text them again? Do I not? Do I call them? No? If so what do I say? Do I play it cool and be nice? Do I tell them that what they are doing is bullshit? Do I somehow expose myself further and risk looking even more pathetic and desperate by telling them they are hurting my feelings by ignoring me?

    I posted it here, because I believe that this is unfixable and really am starting to consider not living anymore. Please help me
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  2. whataname

    whataname Member

    Hello thirsty! I must first say that life is much more worth than a text back. I have a really hard problem texting back because of my anxiety and the lack of structure it gives. I have had the same problem as you with my close friends, and I just experimented with confronting them, ignoring the problem, ect. For me I choose not to text and find that calling is more efficient. But what I do in a similar situation , I take a deep breath, remove my self from the situation and occupy myself with something more meaningful. You may have to experiment, but please experiment safely.
  3. Thirsty

    Thirsty Member

    Thank you for your reply. I too have anxiety issues and I know that you are right and "getting my mind off of it" is whats best. But I simply cannot. I dont mean its hard or I dont want to I mean in spite of me it just will not go away from my mind. Not for more than a few minutes at best. Also, "a" text back, yes life is worth more. But this goes way beyond a single text. This is happening way too often. Just 3 days ago, I met a person, they added me on facebook by looking me up, gave me their number, we hung out, Ive text a few times but havent heard back except for 1 short message. This is ALWAYS happening! I will promise that I can go out, meet another new face and it will be the same thing. Im sorry to be trouble but I am just so lost.
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