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    So you think you know me, such a nice guy.
    Oh, you know you know me, I wouldn't hurt a fly.
    But what if I told you it was all a guise?
    What if you could see what lies behind these eyes?

    The cruelty I am capable you would not believe.
    The lack of caring for the well being of others you see.
    Its not always there, but sometimes it is.
    I keep it locked up, and well hid.

    The feelings I have, I can turn off
    the feelings you have, I will play off
    not show my hand, get to see yours
    throw it away when its all a bore

    I could whisper the words to drive you over the edge
    without any remorse, I could laugh at your death
    who knew such hate could live on the inside
    while presenting such a kind outside
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.