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Such wonderful people here!

I have said it before but I need to say it again, what an awesome group of people here. I really feel supported...I rant about the same crap all the time and I am not judged. My trauma, my guilt, my shame...all of which I hope to overcome someday. Assuming I do, it will be because of all of you. Someday maybe I will even be of help to someone else! That I would like....


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this site is for people to support others when possible and receive support when needed. you do support others already in your own way. i try to offer support to others and have received support in my lowest moments.

as i have suggested before you really should talk to someone that you can trust about your trauma. you have been here for a while and i'm sure that there are people you can trust. there are a lot of people that keep private messages private as i do, it may help you to talk openly with someone. but of course only when you're ready.

and i agree there are some very good people here. some have literally saved my life. you will find that most people here are honest and compassionate. i think the good people on SF have saved many lives...mike...*hug*hug*shake


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Hello @Hatingmyselfdaily that is what peer to peer support is all about, you will never be judged there, I think you are a pretty amazing person to keep fighting every single day even when you spend most of the time in mental pain and turmoil and you keep fighting your battles even if there are obstacles, you always overcome them in the end. You are wonderful. Bless.

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