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Sucide attempt;

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Okay I am new here and this is my first post.
Me && my boyfriend (The first guy I been IN love with) broke up about 2 weeks ago. We decided to be friends. Well Monday night I went to his house and he told me that he messing with another chick and that he taking her to the show in Nashville that I was supposed to be going with him even tho we ant together. It upsetted me. We got into it. && ive been planning on killing myself for the longest now. Its like stress after stress all at one time and it got to where I couldnt handle it.. So Monday night one of my friends gave me some <mod edit - acy - methods>. Well when I got home I took <mod edit - acy - methods>. Layed down hoping I would die in my sleep. Well I started thinking about my sisters and how bad it would hurt them if I was gone I started shaking a my heart was beating bad so I freaked out. Went and woke up my grand dad and told him what I did. He rushed me to the hopsital. There they put a IV in my arm and gave me fluids. Then hooked me up to a heart monitor and made me drink Charcoal stuff (Which was HORRIBLE!!) I puked for hours. Couldnt finish the drink. So they had to put a tube down my nose into my stomach and pour the rest in the tube. Then they drained my stomach out. Then they sent me to Vanderbilt in TN by ambulance. I got there and dont even remeber. Woke up with heart monitors all over me and I really thought I was dead. && I didnt wanna die. I cryed so much. Chris (The ex) came and seen me at the hospital. They sent me to the phcotic place and I had to stay there over night to be watched. Then they sent me home. Everything is still the same. My family is being nice to me. But it didnt solve anything with me and Chris. If anything it made things worse. But he showed me that he cared and that he never going to change. So I have completly kicked him out of my life. Which was hard but he was the reason for the stress and he pushed me way to far that night. It wasnt his fault but he the one who pushed me way to far. He argued with me all day the day I got out (Which was yesterday) I gues he didnt figure out that stress is what put me there. Oh well. I can live without him. But I learned that he not worth my time and that I have people who love and care about me.
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I’m glad that you are okay now, lucile…

You are right, hon - nobody/nothing is worth your life…

Take care of yourself. Do something you really enjoy…

Remember things always change. How you think and feel also changes. It’s okay if your feelings change. Let your heart lead you…enjoy life…

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:

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i too am glad you are okay hun your grandfather and family they love you very much I think you deserve someone who will treat you with care and kindness hun you did good to get this one out of your life you don't need that kind of stress hugs to you
hi lucile. i just read your post and was surprised at how similar our situations are. i took an overdose in March and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. i was in ICU for 7 days and extremely lucky to be alive. i was then in the psych ward for 2 weeks before being allowed to come home. i was fortunate enough to be given a spot in a 12 week outpatient program, which deals with depression and anxiety conditions. i have just finished my 10th week, and feel extremely happy to be alive, and am learning to cope. is there a similar program where you live? i have found it to be life saving!


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hm, i learned my lesson, after me and my gf brok up, it kinda was mutual i don't understand it but anyways,

well so i got suicidal, and made the mistake of telling her :( she took me to the hospital, it wasn't too much of a serious attempt, I had tried to take a whole bunch of caffine, well the hospital did not really seem to believe me, but ohh i did not sleep for a few days :) they did not pump my stomach nor any of that stuff, unless don't remember it, but i got stuck in the hospital, and the doc said i probably wasn't going to hurt myself again, every doc i talk to does not take me serious, one day i will show them!

i hope your feeling better, i know the first time i do something i get extremely anxious and it causes me to get suicidal, so if you are ever going to experience something new please find someone to help you with it, i would offer but i currently only use my bicycle as my mode of transportation and it would be a longer ride than i could handle going from minnesota to Tn
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