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sucide failure

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When I was in H/S I tried to be in a better place but was like i was invincible and couldn't die. Since then its been a roller coaster. And my pops has been 4years this Christmas day and i feel little relief on coping with everything. Everyday there is so much negative things happening there's nothing that I need to finish. Blah, blah..... I eont know why I'm wasting y'alls time with MY problems...... Whatever, l8r
This is so typical of my life.... Thanks for nothing, I'll see some of you on the otherside......

I promise I won't fail you again family.

I actually feel the best I ever have now that I've made my decision.

Good bye all


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Hi john, I'm sorry you are hurting right now. I hope u have not taken any action yet. Please seek help, you are worth fighting for. If there is nobody around you that u feel comfortable talking with call a hotline or something. There are many people here who care, tell us a little more about your story. I bet u will find others who can relate, who have made it through the tough times and can offer support or advice. I hope to see you on here again
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