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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Fluffypingu, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Fluffypingu

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    im really sucidle and scared ive spoke to the hospital and crisis lines but I duno whatelse I can do its too much the flashbacks are really bad and the voices are horrendious please help
  2. Renegade

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    Came across this the other day, it changed my mind for the better.

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  3. Fluffypingu

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  4. Lightwarrior

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    Hello, could You explain what those flashbacks are and what do the voices say to You ?
    Maybe if You open up a bit , someone might be able to say something that could help You somehow.

    I don´t know what it is that You´ve been experiecing but I can tell that You´ve been carrying it within for quite awhile, sometimes it´s unavoidable to remember certain things but do not let any guilt or shame or anything like that overpower You . Don´t know what happened to You so it gets hard to say something but I say that your life is important and who You are is too, give value and throw away those suicidal thoughts, they might trick You into believing that it´s the only answer and the only way out of your suffer but the suffer is in your heart, your body may die but your heart lives on. Death only would destroy your chances of making your progresses and fixing what was broken, overcoming what had happened . Give yourself a chance to try more !!!!!

    If You can open up, it will be better so me or someone else can say something to You ....
    Hope to hear from You !!!
  5. Fluffypingu

    Fluffypingu Safety and Support SF Supporter

  6. Lightwarrior

    Lightwarrior SF Social Media

    Hello Aimee, I read that post You made , I am deeply sorry about all that´s happened to You. No one deserves to go through such horror, let me ask You something, do You feel guilty about those incidents ?

    I think that by self harming, You only found a temporary escape from the pain within yourself, like a blindfold to keep your eyes from seeing what was growing inside You, unfortunately sometimes people hurt us too much and the only way to recover is by facing everything, I cannot say to You, look back and face what torments You, because I know how hard it can be and how overwhelming but your self harming shows how dangerous You can be to your own self and that´s something to be concerned about, You said You wanna stop it but perhaps first, You need to face and recover from all that´s happened to You, I dont mean to say all this to make it sound easy or something because I know it isn´t but it´s far from being impossible !!!

    I know You´re deppresed and when someone is deppresed it´s hard to be strong and hard to be positive since each day is an unbearable struggle but sometimes feeling strong can help You actually get stronger so You can start facing what tormets You and start building power in yourself and those things don´t overpower You anymore. I know You won´t ever forget what happened but if You continue to dwell in the past, it will keep You from living a brigther future, the one in which You have peace within and smile from the heart. If You think You are not able to feel strong at all, start with small steps, perhaps changing some pessimist thoughts into positive ones, I know this ain´t the answer to your troubles but it can be a start . I know that when we are suffering too much, We tend to hope and expect for something which will be the big solution but that doesn´t exist, recovering and rising up is a step by step process and it starts from the first steps, sometimes from nothing at all, something people need to build up those steps because there is no stairs, that means, there is no good perspective in those people´s minds, I dont know if You are one of them but I know You can get better but fighting is something that will need to be constant day-by-day

    I hope my message makes some sense to You and You reflect about it
    Don´t give up on yourself !!!!
    Don´t give up on your future !!!!
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