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  1. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Put it out
    It' sno thing butta I put tout nayway.
    It suck I know.

    Wuyu ratha hole pyotry in?
    Keeep it inside
    So it rot from lack of oxgen, oxycontin,

    I know it sux
    But stimes I gotsta let peotry ouch
    Ouch. It hurts when
    I keep it in

    Whichis better
    To not write taul
    To not write & try to wri
    Something so perfect

    It's Mposible.
    So suck is the foundation
    Failure izza building blog

    I say don't be afraid to suck
    Get out there. Even tho it be bad
    Yu always learn from it

  2. PerfectlyMurdered

    PerfectlyMurdered Well-Known Member

    Aha, I love this. That's very creative of what you thought up there xD. I haven't been writing poetry for awhile now because I'm afraid it will just suck, I might try again soon now. :)
  3. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    LOL! Thanx.
  4. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Lol I like it!
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