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I've been a long time sufferer of mental health issues for many years. Mid 30s now, and would say I've suffered from depression since early teens/childhood. I guess my approach to the problem is 'just keep going and survive at any cost'. This gets me through to some degree. However, this approach doesn't always work when I have my lows. I try to be objective in my perception of reality, aware that I've had lows in the past and to try and be positive in the future.

I've seen counsellors in the past and whilst they were helpful I never really felt I was able to 'solve' my issues.

I was sitting at my desk after lunch, and BANG, a big low, weary, and almost catatonic. I suppose this fits the profile of bi-polar disorder but I don't really have periods of great elation at all...just the lows.

In a sense, these lows are very frustrating because it's not like I can predict them. I sink, then wallow, and kind of limp onward wondering what will happen in the future.

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The lows sound like cycling depression and yes they do come out of the blue for no reasons it seems I would talk to your doctor hun see what other things are out there to help stop the cycling or slow it down some I hope you will soon feel somewhat better hun hugs to you
If your depression is due to chemical inbalances in your brain, counseling will probably (there is a grey area here) not help resolve this.

I don't blame you for giving up on your doctor... good ones are hard to find... but try again you should.

The right meds will even you out and make life a little easier to live.


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maranature, i agree you should try to find a good mental health professional doc to talk this out with them.. something to help you just might be found with them..

i have done the really lows and shit myself forever.. right out of the blue, doing sort of ok and then, bang bottom feeding at best.. is really hard to deal with.. am on remeron adn trazodone myself and this has helped a lot for most of the days..

good luck in finding some help with this.. tc, Jim


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I think I also suffer from quite severe cycles of depression. I have period of an alright but low phase for a few weeks then a shit hits the fan stage where I am in complete crisis. I think you should try again with the doctor route, sounds like you could do with a bit of extra support right now.
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