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Sudden moments of panic

I'm getting sudden moments where I go from at least somewhat functioning at work to absolute panic and despair in a matter of seconds. I work as a CNA, so I really can't just leave a patient and go take a moment. Is there a way to at least help shut down the immediate spiraling? Thanks, you guys.


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I dont have this particular problem but I feel like the first question here is: what have you started doing NOW? (clearly that isn't working but what is that that isn't working?)
And maybe also is there anything that is the same during any of these events? The surroundings or thoughts? Are you thinking of the same things? Are you always at work? Anything similar?


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I don't know about sudden spiralling into despair but when I have a sudden panic attack, I try and take long, slow deep breaths. Not sure if it's the breathing that helps or just that I'm focusing my thoughts on that rather than the panic but it helps - a little. That and I tell myself that it's fine, that everything's fine - that I'm fine. That kind of thing.

Not sure if any of that will help you at all.
One of the links in my signature is for a short acupressure self-massage for anxiety. That might be worth a try.

Here's a copy of the link

I know you said that you won't be able to see a psychiatrist for a couple of weeks to go back on medication, but you may be able to see a regular GP doctor and get something sooner.

Is there any chance that you can get at least a few days off from work? Getting at least a Wednesday off for each of the next two weeks might make things a little more manageable.
You might also want to try acupuncture or traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I can say more about the subject if you are interested.

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