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  1. BenJ

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    *Your words hurt
    When you treat me like dirt
    You rip off my shirt
    Just to tell me that I have to large a girth
    That I *have no worth
    And that this earth
    Would be better without my birth
    This is the worst
    Your always the first
    To burst
    And quench your thirst
    For violence
    I am always in compliance
    And I won't try to fight it
    It wouldn't be alright if
    I lost my temper
    You would always remember
    Because I would sever
    Your self esteem
    Make you forget all your dreams
    And all the things
    You hold near
    I could be your greatest fear
    And force all of the tears
    To your eyes
    But everything I say would be lies
    Because I know all of the words that hurt
    Your worth
    But I'm not enough of a jerk
    I always work at being nice
    Nothing I do can suffice*
    Our relationship was a heist
    I devoted my entire life
    To being just right for you
    But nothing would ever do
    Don't worry
    It will be over soon
    All I need is a cocoon
    Around my head
    Soon enough I will be dead
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    im sorry you have been hurt so deeply hun please know that you do have worth and you do matter okay don't let anyone say different Move on okay find someone that deserves your love hugs
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