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Diagnosis: bipolar disorder, social anxiety

Add that to the thing with the username and avatar! We're all crazy, let's all see who's what kind of crazy!


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You know, I've never been diagnosed with social anxiety and the bipolar diagnosis is tentative.

I don't feel a need to get a professional to suggest I'm anxious around people, nor to confirm the bipolar thing now that we have more proof.
good idea

i wish more people would go and get an official diagnosis. there are so many people here suffering with depression, also bipolar i suspect (many of those "treatment resistant" depression posts).... the rape/abuse forum is full of ptsd folks.


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also bipolar i suspect (many of those "treatment resistant" depression posts)....
I've been saying this for a while, you're the first person to ever agree, especially about the TRD thing. :p But yeah, I expect a LOT of people here are actually bipolar. I recently suggested that someone had bipolar and I don't know whether she already knows that and felt conditionally stupid for it, hence this thread >_<


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So maybe not things like social anxiety but definitely Bipolar, borderline etc.

I was also labelled with treatment resistant depression...until i responded to a medication.

Not to mention how many people here say their depression is treatment resistant after they give up treating their depression after a few tries with meds etc and then make statements like 'nothing works for me'.
well from my own experience, i was diagnosed as bipolar at 18. didn't agree with teh diagnosis and got no treatment for many years, had depressions and manias...and muddled through. fast forward, depression again and suicide attempt at 42, diagnosis of depression. went on anti depressants that made me insanely manic. then, finally, a diagnosis of bipolar. again. finally they got it right. or probably, i shoudl say, i listened....

on mood stabilizers for almost three years now and doing much better. much, much, better.
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