Suggestions for accomplishing healthier eating, or lifestyles

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    Hey guys, i just found this part of the forum and love it. Im a very active person, and am trying to become more concious of what i eat, not dieting, but noticing what my bodies needs. Im a bit overwhelmed with the spreadout of information in here... and i just wanted to see if people could put down their simple and to the point suggestions of how to beging accomplishing a healthier diet, and life. I start with excersize, but want to hear more ideas :)

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    For me, I feel great everytime I eat a large salad. And now instead of lettuce, I use spinach leaves which can have a strong flavor, but with a good dressing, it's not an issue for me. I also love blue cheese so much that often I don't use any dressing at all.

    I also love a liquid supplement called Lucky Vitamin. <Mod edit - removed link to commercial site>
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