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    My Names is Austin, and I am a "recovering" depression victim, As I have been through my "ups and downs" of the sickness, I have realized a few things about me and a few things about my peers of life. Here are a few suggestions I have for the uncommon depressed person, such as myself, That I have been through and learned in my time of struggles.

    1. You are what you believe you are

    Yes, that indeed is completely true.
    You could go through this life with a mind set of negativity and hopelessness. Every day you wake up and think "shoot this day is going to suck, I don’t even really want to get out of bed." And just lay there for however long and be late to your next affair. Which would throw off you day and the others relying on you to be there.
    As oppose to the option of negativity, you could give yourself a change of morning routine of positive feelings which could improve your day, and also take you a few more steps down the road to recovery.
    So lets try this the next morning you get a chance, Wake up, and say to yourself, this is going to be a Great day! I cant wait to get to work, school, or you current affair.
    Yes, I know what the “intellect” person is thinking, notice I put quotes around intellect, How is thinking im going to have a good day make it a good day?
    It may not make you have a better day, but it will start a thought process of positivity, and will increase your work ethic for that day.

    2. You adapt to the environment around you.

    1. Music
    I have found that when I hear a certain song it triggers a memory, which makes me react to depression because that thought that the song brings hurts.

    But there are ways to stop that process that leads to failure, for me, it is to change the song, and try to stop that thought, and try to solve math equations in my head. Anything to get around that thought will stop the process that leads to failure.

    2. Images and Text
    When I have come across a image or a story that creates pictures in my mind of my “downsides” of life, I find it triggering.

    When this happens I do anything I can to get away from those thoughts. I get in a big group of friends, I call my mentor, and talk to him about it. I have found that if I sit around and do nothing I will fail, and do something I regret.
    3. Social, People Groups, Hang outs.
    When I am around certain people I find myself getting really depressed, and sometime their attitude is so messed up that it rubs off on me.

    My battle plain for this situation is the toughest of all. The first thing I try to do to get them away from me, or get my mind off the things they said is get on the computer, or call friends. This is a very dangerous situation and I do my best to make prior arrangements to stay away from it in the first place.
    3. Healthy release of Tension and Emotional Stress

    There are safe ways to release you emotion and stress
    1. Write
    Keep a diary of your feelings, and thoughts. Yes men, I said diary, if you feel too prideful to label it that than we will just call it a journal.

    2. Draw
    For people who are very good at drawing or sketching this may be a fine release of stress or tension.

    3. Stories or Poetry
    This could fit under the “writing category, but I felt this plays a major role in my recovery. I am a guy, and yes I do write poetry. If you don’t like that name, you can classify it as a song.

    4. Exercise
    This has to be the best way to relieve stress for me. Im not a scientist, or biologist, so I really cant tell you why this helps you. This is what I learned in research about the topic. When you complete the exercise, your brain releases some chemical that makes you feel good. I believe it is serotonin. After running you will feel better from being out side in the sun, and from getting out of the house.

    4. Questions?
    Shoot me a email

    5. Emergency?
    Please call the suicide hotline 1-800-273-TALK.
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    I love this person and this topic, specially the first point, which is definitely the most important one.
  3. white

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    Thanks Eric
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