Suggestions to get relief from stress.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by lukejames, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. lukejames

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    I am marketing head of a FMCG company and over a few weeks I am feeling dizziness, anxiety, and a dreadful sense of doom. After a recent fight at work with Boss over a marketing campaign the situation become severe. Stress is destroying my life. I don’t know what to do. Please suggest.
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    There's lots of thing you can do to help manage stress, exercising helps stress,a change in your diet, many herbal medicines such at st.john's wart or calms. If you think the stress is getting out of control you should really see your doctor! Best of luck! :hug:
  3. jonathan76

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    This may also be useful!

    Top 10 tips that any man can do to improve his health!!
    •read a book or two – now a prescribed treatment in some health authorities for beating the blues, reading in the evening also helps relaxation and sleep
    •open a window – it lets in negative ions which neutralise the positive ions from electrical items
    •play cards and do crosswords – keeps the brain active
    •support a decent team – success boosts testosterone levels which is why we are competitive. Identifying with a successful team can have the same effect!
    •work on your relationships – a study of 6,000 blokes found that married ones got better jobs and were healthier
    •sleep long and get up late - regularly getting 4 instead of 8 hours sleep increases the signs of ageing. Late risers have faster brains and lower stress levels. Sleep well and live long.
    •go out in the sun – vitamin D, which is important for bones, teeth and happiness is boosted by sunlight (but keep some sunscreen on).
    -walk – it’s good for the heart and lungs and improves brain function by boosting it oxygen supply. Get off the bus early or take the stairs and not the lift.
    •sing – the breathing control needed to sing – however badly – makes it the easiest and most effective way to shed stress
    •drink water - many of us don’t drink enough. The yellower your urine the more dehydrated you are. A couple of extra glasses of water a day and you’ll feel better.
    After this you can also try some yoga tips. I know a site Ilchi Lee can help you… Healing Society is a volunteer-based movement suggested by Ilchi Lee, which seeks to take back the health and peace of ourselves, our communities and the earth.
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