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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by OnlyAMisfit, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. OnlyAMisfit

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    So I met this girl about a week ago. Even though it really isn't that long, I'm sure that I have fallen in love with her. We have had sex and we made out a lot. she gave all the signs that she wanted to be in a relationship. I have been alone and depressed for about a year now, and to finally have someone who cared about me was awesome. But today she told me that she just got out of a serious relationship, and she doesn't want to bind herself to anyone for a long while. I am completely crushed, i feel worse than i ever have. Maybe i got to attached to her because of my situation, but that doesn't change the fact that i feel like shit, and have started to have suicidal thoughts again.
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    I'm going through the exact same thing. It's like you're telling MY story.

    So, as you can see, I'm in no position to give you advice, but I can tell you that you can message me if you want to talk, anytime.

    What I think I might do, as much as it hurts me, is to back off. I wont stop talking or texting him, because I'm in a place right now where I wouldn't bear it. When I say back off, I mean that I'll try to give him, or give "us" some space. I guess he's been doing that too, because he has changed his behavior towards me.

    I hope I succeed in doing this, I'm already hurt, I just want to stop hurting, so I guess trying to dettach myself from him is my best option.

    Sorry I couldn't be any more helpful, and I hope you can work things out with her :)
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