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Suicidal AGAIN!

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I have bipolar II and borderline personality disorder. I've been ill for more than 10 years now and I started taking meds a little less than 5 years ago. I'm sick of it! I stopped going to school because I couldn't concentrate enough to be able to study; I can't do well in my karate club because of the meds I take; I feel guilty for just existing because I feel like a burden to others and I fear that I can't be a good wife or mother in future. I've been suicidal a lot and I've attempted suicide half a dozen times so far. I feel very much like trying it again tonight after my parents have gone to bed. I'm so tired of this roller coaster ride called life.


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please think some more about this.I am 51 and have exactly same diagnosis I have managed to have a good marraige for 28 years and I am happywith my life.Things do change over time and suitations can get better,So don't give up and battle through as it will be worth it,promise.


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You may need to find that fine balance of functioning and medicated honey its hard i know but you can get there. *giant hugs* xxx
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