suicidal and hanging on by a thread

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I have not written here before, but I have been reading. I want my troubles to end. I see the easiest way is to die. I attempted suicide in March. I just wish that I had died then. I am tired of trying to find a reason to live. I just don't care about my brothers or my parents. The only people I don't want to hurt are my neices and nephews. They are the only ones that I don't want to screw up.


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Hello friend. I'm glad you posted.

I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Can you tell us what has caused this? Is there a starting point for your feelings?

Many here including myself know what it is to be in pain and not want to live, but I'd like to encourage you to keep living. Talk with us. Be good to yourself.

I am Angie btw

I have had depression on and off all of my life. I have been recieving various treatments and feel like it is not going to work. I am tired of trying.


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Keep hanging on, I too have had depression all my life and like you are going through a really bad time at the moment.As you have had it all your life too you know there are good times,you know you can get through this as you have in the past . Keep hanging on and fighting and you will get through it.One day something will work so you can have good times again.


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I too have battled depression most of my life. And all the other wonderful things they come up with out of the DMIV (or is it 5 yet?) anyway.

I choose to cling to hope. This is a conscious decision I made everday and its not easy. Cuz things don't seem to be getting much better atm.

But I am at the point where even a small thing like a bath or doing dishes is something I can be proud of. Baby steps and all that.

Perhaps there are some small steps you can take to make you feel better?

I hope so. :hug:


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Mathgeek, Hugs to you.

Its awful feeling like that, you say you don't want to hurt your nieces and nephews shows you're still a kind and caring person.

Its time for you now ok, do you see anyone like a pdoc or are you on any meds? Maybe you could see your G.P. and tell them how you feel? You matter and I hope you feel at ease and know you are amongst friends here, we care.

Can you say what has got you feeling like this? It may help to vent and get it all out.

Take care x
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