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Suicidal but glad to still be here.

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I am 52 years of age. Tried to take my life for many years and suck at it. How amazing how the human body is so resilient!
The last two attempts brought me to comas, damaged my heart and I was commited to state mental health hospitals.
My only crime was a deficet of certain chemiclas my brain requires.
The past three years I lived on food stamps & subsidized housing....after a work carrer of earnings a CEO of a major corporation would drool at.
I worked with a psychiatrist and worked the meds. This was a slow process but I had some hope with support from few friends.
During this time I did research and found such simple things like therapy and chemical treatment does work. Just give it time.
Doctors are not miracle workers. They depend on YOU to treat you.
I changed doctors almost on a regular basis until I started to feel better....and I take their advice and prescribed meds.
I still have major depressive disorder.
I accept that I do and base my life around the fact.
Deep inside I did want to live!
I still want life!
Depression is a life disability. I am learning to cope with it. My friends are so awesome at trying to understand it and I love them all for their efforts and trying to learn who I am.
Most of all.......all the times I did post here I got such positive messages from administrative staff that kept me going.
SF rocks!


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if there was a like button on here, i would press it...

good for you!!! i'm glad you are feeling better!!!!!

and the human body is unbelievable...


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I am so glad you have great friends to support you and you are listening to your docs now and getting back to life really way to go hugs
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