Suicidal friend thinking of switching schools

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by AHelpingHand2006, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. My best friend who has been suicidal and depressed for about a year now over grls and love problems has decided to switch schools. He says he cant be here with [the various grls hes fallen in love with] in his presence. They've all abandoned him and ended any friendship nastly. BEcause of all this he finds himself hopeless and meaningless and unlucky. He recently discovered the cause of this desired love was the limited love he receives from his family or received from his family as a child. He just emailed me telling me he is switching schools. It is the end of our junior year. Im gonna miss him but i think this is the best decision for him. I mean I am his only friend and I feel like if he cant get along in this school what is going to make him get along in another school. Anywhere u go its the same crap. Anyway, should i advise him to tough it out for his senior year and then go off and enjoy college or should I tell him this is the best decision to get away from a place he has no desire to be in and is ruining his life? I mean i am always against running away from your problems thats the worst thing to do and this is pretty much doing that. Im torn, this is an extrememly important decision for him, it could mean his life.
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    well if it bothers him that badly then let him leave. He will make the right choise suicide is sometimes the right choise for some people, not all tho.
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    Uhm, actually last time I checked, we were a pro life forum.

    But have you sat down and talked to him about how he's feeling, and about how you're feeling?
  4. suicide is the right choice? Well not for him, not at all, he is a genuine kid who I kno has the ability to overcome his sadness. I know that. I think I probably will tell him to go to the new school, it really does bother him here but Im afraid it will be the same and he will believe running from his problems is the solution
  5. That One Girl, I speak to him everyday He tells me how he feels I know he hates it here it is ruining his life. I can talk to him whenever I want if he leaves so I just want the best for him I dont mind at all if he leaves.
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    So, you don't mind if he leaves, you just want him to be happy?
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    you sound like an amazing friend though
  8. Sorry, I realized i really didn't answer your question. I did sit down a few weeks ago before he made the actual decision we said that it might be best he leaves. He just couldnt take it anymore. We exchanged all contact info so that we never lose connection. He seemed like it was his way out of here, but to me he seemed scared and he was scared. but recently after talking to a counselor and his mother they all made the decision together. I feel happy and scared for him at the same time. I am happy that he has a chance to start over and meet new people and be content with life but i'm scared that things will go the same. I'm sure wtiht the new help of the counsler and his mother and talking to me some more we can make sure his experience at a new school is enjoyable. After all he knows his mistakes and what to do now.
  9. yes i do not mind at all if he leaves, in a good way of course.
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    yea man i think it might be a good idea for him to switch schools... like you said before it'd be like him "starting over". I mean, i'd switch schools too if i knew that i felt verrrry uncomfortable everyday. Also, u'd always have his contact info, so if he's ever having any probs, u'd be the friend to help and people just need some hope man.
  11. Thanks everyone! I am now confident in what to advise him and what to agree on
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    I agree with what Alex said, you sound like an amazing friend and I'm glad you've found help here. =]
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