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I'm entirely out of ideas on this i have searched for any help I could get and I am now left to posting here. I have a girlfriend I have been with for years and I don't want to be with her anymore, she isnt the person she once was. I have given so many things to her in my life that she spat on me for. I moved away from home to live near her and after being there for a very short time she cheated on me. And I forgave her and now she says if I ever left her...she would nt be alive, what am I supposed to do? I can't break up with her knowing she is like that, and she is very serious about it too. She is also taking depression medications. Help please...
wow.. that's hard. :dry:
maybe just wean her off slowly. start by saying you want to have a little more space. and then gradually widen the space. i think if you really think it's right to break up with her you should do it gently and let her know that you do care about her but that you have to live your life.
maybe you can help her make some new friends and give her moral support

p.s if she cheated on you maybe you should be asking her if she really wants to be with you.
That is a difficult situation for anyone to be placed in. In essence, she is holding you hostage. That is unfair of her to do to you. Sit down and tell her exactly what you feel. Maybe offer to continue to support her, if that is what you want to do. If you are unhappy, it does neither of you any good to stay together. I will be thinking of you in this difficult situation. Best of luck hun. :hug:
thanks for the replies, i think my biggest problem is that i cant sit down with her face to face and ensure that she isnt going to act irrational and resort to a "permanant fix to a temporary problem". i cant be right next to her because of the fact that this is a long distance relationship. my fear is that if i try anything other than faking my "love" for her that she will not answer her phone and do something bad. i couldnt live with myself if i brought someoen to that point. I have thought about talking to her parents about it, but that would absolutely ruin her life, and on top of that her parents are a little on the strict side and they would either 1 over react or 2 not believe me. i would love for her to make friends outside of our relationship but she has totally shut down socially. any more suggestions or comments are more than welcome. im in between a rock and a hard place in this situation.
hy, i know that is very hard for you to ,cary that thoughts , and also the need to be free, or to and a chapter in your life. You sad that you're girlfriend is deppresive, .... I had a teacher, once , who did this he went to see a psychologist, in order to help the students, or his friends. Or try to convinse her somehow to see a psychologist sometimes it helps to understand that you have to let go , and understand others.


I already knew what I would say in response to this topic thread from before I read any of the replies. Absolutely do not break up with your girlfriend under the circumstances you mentioned. As long as she isn't cheating on you anymore, I haven't read any real good reason why you should break up with her. The issue seems to be that she is bringing you down with her and you are considering leaving her because of it. Don't! Instead, try to bring her up with you. Do everything you can do to make her feel better. That is an important aspect in a relationship. She will appreciate you even more if you can change her life for the better and it will be a rewarding experience to enrich your relationship.
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