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Suicidal man lying on the ground...

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I was on the way home from college. I got off the Metro to see an ambulance, and then a man lying on the ground with two paramedics talking to him. The only part of the conversation I heard whilst walking past was;

Paramedic: Why are you lying on the ground?
Man: I just give up.
Paramedic: You give up?

Now this hit me as the man seemed suicidal and literally past caring what anyone thought of him. I didn't want to interfere with the paramedics doing their job, but I wished I could have stopped to at least ask if he was going to be okay. I'm a trained Samaritan, used to volunteer there, and walking on by without stopping to check on a man in apparent crisis makes me hate myself. The further on I walked the most I wished I had just stopped, even to ask. Maybe a stranger showing concern would have given him hope.

I hope the fact that this man is in the hands of the paramedics will mean he will be safe. I really wish I could have done something to help him though.

Can anyone more religious than me send out some prayers for this guy?

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I dont know if I'm more religious, but I'll certainly add him to my list of others that I ask that God protect and help to see a better tomorrow.

Dont beat yourself up over not stopping. Chances are even if you did, the paramedics would of asked you to move along so that they could do what they needed to. I'm sure they did what they needed to insure he ended up someplace safe and wont be able to hurt himself. I think it is so very kind of you to of wanted to try and help. I think that way too, especially when answering posts here, that maybe just one stranger replying might pull someone away from the edge long enough to get through the darkness. Thanks for caring about others hun :arms:
It's nice that you had concern for this man, but I don't think that you have to torment yourself. Yeah, the paramedic's might have just gotten irritated with you.

I think it's good to help other people, but also take care of yourself, understand that you can't do everything and have faith that somehow everything will work out
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