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suicidal mind

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does any anti depressant work againt suicidal thoughts?
I have a lot of problems....
cant manage them....
do not know how to handle them, nothing comes out of my hands....
do think death is the only way out....

which I could take something to numb my mind?

total eclipse

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There are many meds that can help your brain be more at ease stop the thoughts of harming you. Antidepressant help that i found wellbutrin xr works well but there are so many that can help you time to call your doctor okay and get some help for you now h ugs

black orchid

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Like total eclipse said there are a lot of meds out there that can help, as well as different types of counselling and therapy to deal with the reasons the thoughts are there in the first place.

Your best bet is probably to get yourself to a doctor and discuss what you are feeling so that they can work out what would help you most.
its true that there are alot of meds doctors can give you the trouble is finding the right ones for you.im currently not on any anti depressants because i have a bad habit of hiding the way i feel from people especially my family i try to cope the best i can even though i want others to seek help.
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