Suicidal...not depressed?

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    I am Scout. I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 13. I live in the USA. I am about to be a freshman. So young...yet so messed up.

    I've been suicidal for close to two years. Through six suicide attempts, many counselors, psychiatrists, and mental hospitals, I have received no diagnosis. Why, you may ask. Because I'm not depressed or bipolar or OCD. I just am suicidal.

    Do you see my problem? My parents are angry because I'm not getting better. My counselors are frustrated because they can't treat me. My psychiatrists are confused because suicide is a symptom, not a disorder. I'm a ticking time bomb ready to burst. <Mod edit: Timeline>

    My only question is
    Does anybody out there understand me?

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    what kind of docs are these who can't deal and treat someone with suicidal tendencies... new docs might be in order

    welcome, you are and will definitely be understood around here
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    I too think you need a new pdoc then because suicidal tendancy is treatable ok You need to see a pdoc that can diagnose why you are having these thoughts be it chemical or OCD or whatever and get a proper treatment I hope you do have a councilor you can talk to about these thoughts really a psychologist that is trained in CBT therapy would help hugs