Suicidal or Suicidal Fantasies

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by esuicide, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. esuicide

    esuicide Member

    I noticed their is usually two types of people on this forum those that fantasy about suicide and those that are actually consider(ing)(ed) suicide. For those that fantasies be-carefully you may actually see its value. For those that are truly thinking about suicide and really thinking it through, what are you considering for reason to and for reason not to. What is your evaluation processes.I guess what I am really asking here is a quality of life question?
  2. WhyMeWhy

    WhyMeWhy Well-Known Member

    Reason(s) to:
    Things will never get worse(for me) :smile:

    Reason(s) not to:
    Things may get worse(for others) :sad:
  3. baby.bop

    baby.bop Member

    reaons to -

    im tired of fighting
    i am not worthy of living
    i am not useful
    i have no benefit
    the world doesnt need me
    i hate my existence

    reasons not to -

    my family and my boyfrend would be upset

    is other people enough to keep you alive? they have so far but its just not strong enough of a feeeling

  4. voices_inmy_head

    voices_inmy_head Well-Known Member

    Reasons too-

    I am so tired
    I hate my life
    I make everyone miserable
    I want to
    It only gets worse

    Reason not too-

    I would destroy people
    You never know it could get better (unlikely)
  5. Harlot

    Harlot New Member

    I fantasize about it all the time. Not even that, but i fantasize about being murdered too. I have recently begun to put tgether a plan.

    Why? Because I see no other way out of the mess I've created.

    Why not? Because it would hurt the love of my life and my future husband.
  6. Rand

    Rand Active Member


    Yes yes yes! I know exactly what u mean. That list you have, exactly the way i think. And the only reason i think i'm here is a friend who wont give up. Even if i ignore her. I think i'm only here because of that, but yeah its still not enough.

    Is it prolonged suffering or a last thread of hope. I hate hope, it sucks.
  7. Reasons to -
    - i'm tired
    - I feel useless
    - one less person will never make a difference
    - Stress
    - Maybe its was gods will for me to die by suicide
    - Fed up with people
    - I hurt so much i feel nothing anymore
    - i want death to come sooner

    Reasons not to -
  8. Various OCD manifestations, the most devestating of which was homosexual OCD and responsibility OCD. My brain is a very unpleasant companion.

    Severe anxiety, to the point of near fainting when around women. Ive never had a girlfriend, and have kissed 3 girls, the last of which was 5 years ago.

    I was diagnosed with these problems at 23, well beyond the phase of social maturation. It's statistically unlikely I'll improve, and even if I do, ill be extremely bitter about my past. I gave up fighting this several years ago, it's not worth it.

    That's my story. Good luck to all of you.
  9. OneLung

    OneLung Guest

    I often have this fantasy that I drive down to Miami, steal a sailboat and sail out due east about half way to Grand Bahama. Then I pull the bilge plug on the boat, open a nice bottle of brandy, turn on some Classic Rock and just sit on the deck enjoying the moon, stars and ocean air until the boat sinks and takes me with it.

    That would be a nice way to die, but I know it's just a fantasy. Real life usually isn't quite so romantic.
  10. Mike04

    Mike04 Active Member


    -It seems like everything that I have worked for is pointless. In the end it
    will be anyways--at least in this world;
    -Bad past;
    -Feel useless,stupid;
    -Everything seems to be my fault in some way;
    -I am a problem. Eliminating the problem would make everyone else happy. If
    I wasnt here, someone better would be in my place.
    -Hate people;
    -Literally feel empty alot of times;
    -et al....

    Reasons not to:

    -Family ...I think, anyways, Not sure anymore...

    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    the ONLY reasons I m not giving up:

    my parents. my dad would be absolutely devasted. not with guilt because he knows of my tendancies and hes been through this for 8 years.

    who knows what theres on the other side???
    wILL I be damned because I kill myself?

    Cant bear the thoughts of being eaten by worms..

    However, saying this, but my suicidial obsession has worsened to the point that I see myself in my dreams hung, see my parents discover me, see the police tell them so, or browse the internet for methods.
    do u think im really to the very end? i know of course this is not normal doing this, but still ive gotten to the point to see it as part of the "desease" or "hell ive created". its scaring me bad. NEVER EVER come to that point.
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