Suicidal people you are not alone

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    My name is manuel i am from the philippines im turning 21 on march...... i felt suicidal about 4 months ago, luckily things got better....... It felt so dark during those 4 long months. the feeling of worthlessness, laziness, having no plans and goals, the fear of wat might happen in the future, wat wud others think of me. But now i just surrender things to God and live life one day at a time...... I know its not easy to just FEEL ok... because certainly you wouldnt feel ok, specially if the pain is new and a recent one. Let urself feel the pain. write ur feelings on a piece of paper and let it all out..... things got better for me. I hope urs will get better as well.... I thought that i am such a loser for feeling suicidal, but now it ok for me, bcoz now i know dat i am not alone and there is a community here......:cool::biggrin::smile:
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    Hey I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm glad you've found us.
    Thank you for this post :)
    I am still feeling suicidal... I hope to get out of it one day like you and be able to say... I am out, that was quite a trip.