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Suicidal Plan going on... Family don't understand

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Finally I'm brave enough to make steps in order to commit suicide.
First, I got a perfect method - not painless but it's more painful to stay alive.
Second, tomorrow I'm going to arrange my own cremation or funeral.
The other steps are simpler: Pay some bills, clean up my room.
My suicide notes are ready, I just have to edit some details.

Finally I am brave enough to do it.

My family don't understand I just don't want to live anymore.
You really don't have to go through with it. your family dont understand because they're in denial about everything- they want to believe it's a simple issue. Also it's hard for someone who hasn't been through something similar to understand.

For a start, your family don't want you to die, and two, there are other ways. If you look to get some help with it, try and find someone who understands, try and get on top of these problems, things will look brighter.

There are also people on here who will miss you as well. You will see when you get through this, how glad you are that you carried on and you'll emerge stronger.

These problems CAN and WILL be overcome, they need time and effort to get control of the moster that takes over and sends you down that path.

Please don't do it. You don't have to. It's not the way.


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You need to go to the hospital and tell them you have a plan and that you are actively suicidal..They will admit you and you will see a pdoc once a day..They hold groups during the day..My only suggestion is take a book because you do alot of waiting..I'm suicidal also but between the ten times I have been in the hospital and five years of therapy I have learned to deal with it.. It would take something drastic to make me go thru with it..I hope you change your mind..

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wow your parents just don't want to believe you would leave them in such pain hun you need to go get help okay so you can heal there is help please go to hospital call crisis line now

So, you got the balls for killing yourself, hu? Makes so much sense, since you're so tough, you can't even handle life. The way you make it sound, killing yourself seems to be just as hard as living. No one on God's green Earth can make you not kill yourself. No one person can convince you. If you wanna do it, go right ahead...but! Before you go, think of the results and remember, dying is just as hard as living. You said it yourself in so many words. You did, didn't ya? Oh yea...Mr. Tough guy.

But, remember, in death, there's no coming back, there's no one person to talk to. Death is the end of everything and that means, everything. You may be thinking of ending the pain, but, you're also ending the little bit of good that comes in life, so much of the small things like the sun lighting the sky, or beatiful flowers decorating lawns. How about a smile on a little child's face?
While you're sitting there, getting your things ready for ending it all, think about all the good you'll ever miss. Just do it. I want you to meditate on it while you're making your final step and just before you get to that inch of doing what you always wanted to do...end it all, you can go, knowing all the things you could have had in life, will vanish, along with you. The sun in the sky, the little child's smile, the colorful flowers, and ice cream on a nice, sandy summer breeze, beach. It's all gone, every bit of it. That, and your family, too. Everyone of them. They will never see you again, and you'll never see them again. Congradulations, tough guy.
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