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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by tinta, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. tinta

    tinta New Member

    Hi I'm tinta and am new to suicide forum. I've been having suicidal thinking for months now, but I don't believe I will attempt suicide. I wonder why my brain keeps going there. I know I have Bipolar, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder. I am depressed currently and not happy with my life situation at all, but why do I keep thinking about suicide when I don't plan to act on it? Any ideas? I figured this would be the right forum to ask that question.
  2. fam6236

    fam6236 Member

    I am kind of in the same situation. Do not like where my life is going and have major depression. I think it has to do with just not being happy with where you are at in life. I lived most of my life on running on adrenalin which made me feel on top of the world. Now my life is different I cannot get that rush I once had because it was illegal and I paid the price of prison for that. Now I just am living and not liking what I do with work not making enough money and has caused me severe anxiety and worry. My brain constantly thinks suicide, your not alone. By joining this site you took a positive step in the right direction. Keep your head up
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    HI Tinta nice to meet you the thoughts is just a way for us to cope with our pain but with support and therapy we can teach our brain not to go to that option but to replace that thought with a better option. I hope that makes sense and i hope you continue to reach out here for support hugs
  4. howardTX

    howardTX Active Member

    You sound like you have a "perfect storm" going there. Having all of those issues going at once has to be overwhelming. I think that is where the brain goes, as Total Eclipse noted, to cope with pain. I know that some medication can cause those thoughts as well so you might consider bringing up a change to your physician? I don't know what kind of relationship you might have with a physician because if you just say, "hey, you know... I have really wanted to end everything the last few months" might land you in a hospital. You might just say that you have been having some strange thoughts or something but not be very specific. A medication change might do the trick. I really hope so! take care!!
  5. Tyger1

    Tyger1 New Member

    Bipolar depression can be an extremely dark time and you may feel that you have no control in your life. I think thoughts of suicide can in an odd way give a person a feeling of control. It's something we can decide to do if living becomes too painful - and sometimes just knowing I have this option makes me feel better. That being said - I also hope you will let your physician know how badly you are feeling because it sounds like you need more support - maybe a drug change or more frequent supportive psychotherapy - to get you through this. The worry is that if suicidal thoughts go on and on then eventually a person may act on them - and that would be tragic because this is almost always temporary. When the mood disorder is optimally treated you will be able to deal better with the disappointing things that are going on in your life. I really hope you will feel better soon. xo
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