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  1. watsons533

    watsons533 Member

    If anybody feel suicidal What is the best way to cheer him up. By listing to his/her problems so what happens in case normally they often tell you about it, but for solving this there are a number of 24 Hour anonymous online counseling or suicide prevention services available now which provides a great help in all this.
    What do u people think does consulting with a online counselor really can help in the matter ?
  2. Ijos

    Ijos Member

    When I speak for myself; make sure that they get some proper rest, help relieve them from their "workload" both at work and at home. The workload or overtiredness and stress are not the reason I feel like stop living, but they can be a trigger to tip you over the edge where normally you would still have some energy to deal with the issues that are causing these feelings.
  3. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    These are my personal thoughts. for what its worth. The answers to your question will vary according to circumstances

    I have referred people to online or phone helplines. It totally depends on the helpline and the person they are talking with. I think that calling a helpline can be a good first step. Although often the people can be anything but helpful causing the person to feel worse. So it really depends on the helpline.

    But irl help is important as well. If the person is willing or able to get irl help. Perhaps what I write below is TMI. But it might help you to have a bit of a better understanding of why people feel suicidal. And why they likely do need more than phone support or cheering up. Although your loving heart and wanting to assist them is a great gift and great start. I wish there were more people who even wanted to help. Even by asking the question you ask.

    People feel suicidal for different reasons.
    Kids who are bullied or teased often want to kill themselves. Way too often they succeed. They need help. Caring help. Helpline is a first start for some.

    Others are in great physical pain. And their health situation is quite poor. trying to find resources to assist is important, if the person does not have enough resources to care for them properly. Phone helpline can be a start

    Yet others are feeling the darkness associated with substance abuse that causes them to feel even worse than if they were not "self medicating". If they are willing, help them to get the speficic help they need for substance abuse. Substance abuse helpline is a great start if the person is willing. otherwise regular helpline.

    Many are beseiged with great emotional pain. Often this is the case with suicidal young people. I think that young people should always be gotten the help they need. Suicide amongst youths is a very serious problem and as far as I qam concerned they should always be brought to professionals. Bullying child abuse within the family, etc often causes thoughts of suicide. Kids often feel alone and powerless in the face of their circumstances. AND they deserve good help and caring, always. Often youths feel so ashamed that they will only speak online or maybe helpline. They feel they must hide what is happening. Because of peer pressure etc.

    There are different answers to your question. But it is always important to hear the person. To let them know they are heard and taken seriously. Caring gentleness is important. Our society degrades mental illness. Sometimes even people on helplines degrade and demean people who are mentally ill. So there is great shame involved.

    In the case of psychosis, hearing or seeing things that cause someone to do harm or kill themselves, it is important to help them get the assistance they need. Because they usually are quite powerless over the strength and relentlesness of the voices and what they want the person to do. BUT irl assistance should always be recommended. And should come with respect. I know some wonderful smart gifted people who grapple with mental illness.

    Often people who feel suicidal feel powerless and hopeless. So they need a caring non judging person in their life.

    May I ask you why you are asking the question? It is alright if you do not want to answer.
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  4. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Be there. Help them if they ask and it is something you are capable of doing. I don't mean just about depression, I mean if they need a ride somewhere or some help moving furniture. Mundane things like that.

    Do not apply guilt to the person for feeling the way they do. Do not make them feel worse about themselves for being suicidal. And do not offer platitudes. Don't say "cheer up".

    There is rarely anything that you can say, that anyone can say, to change a person's mind in this instance if it is already made. Just be there and be a friend. Offer a hand to hold or a hug when needed.
  5. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    It might, although I think face-to-face is better when the issue at hand is suicide.
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