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Suicidal thoughts. A default setting??

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when I’m feeling especially low my instant thinking is “suicide is my only solution”. I don’t seem to be able to conjure up enough strength to actually try and get myself out of my depression.


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Hey Carl

I know that feeling well.

Are you receiving any kind of treatment or therapy? A good therapist might be able to help you to learn some better coping strategies.
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have just started a four week course through a NHS well being service I’m unsure if it will cover this particular subject but it is designed to give you tools and strategies to deal with your mood and feelings.


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Ahh you're in the UK too :)

Are you getting any counselling via the NHS? Must admit I gave up waiting and am paying privately for one but it's been worth it.

There are other places too to get help. There's lots of Recovery Colleges around the country. Some funded by the NHS and some are charities. They offer loads of free courses on mental health and you can often self refer. Have a google, there may be one near you.

Also if things get bad, have a look at Maytree in London. It's described as a sanctuary for the suicidal and is just that. It's a charity offering a five day stay in their beautiful house. They have trained volunteers day and night to talk/listen and some qualified psychologists to talk to as well every day. They're great at pointing you in the right direction to find more support when you leave too.
Hi guys. Thanks for the help and advice. Yes Lulabelle the course I have started is provided by the NHS. I will see how we get on with it and will then look into alternatives if I think I need to. I do take comfort in being around or being on here with people who don’t treat you like you’re odd. Men typically don’t talk about their mental health so being with a few others in the group and chatting on here has helped somewhat. If I mentioned to my family or friends I felt suicidal. They’d probably drive me straight to the hospital.
Hey Carl. You sound like a good person - just stuck in a situation. Remember that situations can change for the better. It seems like life has a mixture of good, bad and so-so days. Use your good days to find a group or counselor or pastor who can help get you feeling better about life. There are some tremendously good things to focus your mind on. A professional can help you do that. Above all - remember that God loves You! He has plans for you! Prayers for your situation to get better!
Joe, thank you very much for your kind words I had an especially low day yesterday that didn’t go unnoticed by my family and it led to the inevitable talk where everything comes out. I think my partner was surprised how often I consider taking my own life and just how low I have been feeling.
I felt so much better for telling someone at last how I felt. However my partner is now quite insistent that I seek professional help. I have seen a doctor a while ago and have been attending a group course but I’ve not told the Doctor about thinking of suicide. My concern is what could happen if I open up to a doctor?
The first thing you need to do is to throw suicide out as an option. Don't consider it anymore. Refocus your mind instead on getting healthy. Tell yourself that you will get through this! You are strong! You will lean on God to lift you up! It may be a challenge on some days - but keep your focus on the prize - learning to find joy in your daily living. Get around hopeful people. Listen to positive music - like KLOVE radio. Read inspiring articles, etc.

Second -find a really good counselor or pastor - someone who will pray with you in addition to counseling. Get recommendations. Find a professional who has truly helped others. Tell them you feel low and you have lost motivation. Explain your circumstances. Then ask them to give you tools to enable you to live a more satisfying life. Let them change your perspective. Realize that things may not be as dire as you first thought. Believe in Hope.
Take small steps. Get back up when you find yourself in a situation. Take note of victories.
Here is a simple thing - drink enough water. Water washes away bad stuff that can keep us feeling sluggish.
Good luck! God Bless!
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